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Time for a Dynamic Approach

Niamh Manning, Marketing Executive at PML Group, outlines aspects of Dynamic Digital Out of Home the Dublin population are interested in brands delivering.

New research commissioned by PML Group identifies the sort of information the Dublin population would be interested in Digital Out of Home advertising delivering.

As part of the agency’s ongoing iQ research programme, the results showed 65% of Dubliners considered time of day the most useful information advertisers could display. Females aged 25-34 found time of day the most useful at 87%.

A population obsessed with weather, it was no surprise to see weather was considered information the audience is keen to see displayed on DOOH at 54%. 79% of females aged 45-54 years old was the largest group to find this type of information the most useful.

News updates and location maps followed at 52% and 51% respectively.

Interestingly, Social Media feeds were considered the least useful at 14%. However, a third of males aged 16 -24 said social media feeds was useful information.

Commenting on the findings, Niamh Manning said; As Out of Home becomes more dynamic, digitalised and personalised, it is intriguing to see what the Dublin population would like Digital Out of Home to deliver.

The sort of information that was rated most useful is generally material associated with urban life. By serving consumers meaningful, tailored and contextualised content, advertisers can boost the overall effectiveness of its campaign.

By making the format more creative, targeted and interactive, Out of Home advertising can help brands build dialogue and engagement with their audience in real time and real life.