At PML Group we have a deep understanding of what people think, feel and do and how they live, work and play in the out of the home space. This makes us experts in reaching and influencing audiences in the physical world.

    We challenge ourselves and our clients to Be More Now by channelling creative bravery, smart data and dynamic delivery to fully optimise modern Out of Home marketing.


PML Group is part of Posterscope, the world’s leading location-based marketing agency. We have been operating in Ireland since 1982. Our client service teams in PML and Source out of home use a diverse collection of complementary tools and services to navigate the contemporary OOH ecosystem to deliver the best for our clients.

Our complete OOH solution for clients includes:

  • Media Planning & Buying via PML and Source out of home
  • Brand Safety via Poster Audit Bureau
  • Digital Content Management via our Dynamic platform
  • Creative Solutions via Design+
  • Innovation and Experiential Activation via our Innovation@ team
  • Market Intelligence
  • Research
  • PR and Campaign Amplification


PML Group offer a complete OOH marketing service, from data-led media planning and buying to campaign monitoring, creative services and post-campaign research and market intelligence. Scroll down to see more on some of the ways we deliver optimised OOH campaigns for our clients.

Data Led Planning

Our interrogation of numerous location data sources fused with our suite of analytics tools give us an in-depth understanding of how audiences live, work and play. Our insights include what they are thinking, feeling and doing at key times and in key environments. These sources include:

Ongoing research on 300 different Dubliners every two weeks, relating to lifestyle and interaction with OOH advertising

Powerful mapping tool, ingesting Locomizer data alongside census data, OOH panel data and hundreds of business sets. Pinpoint ingests all demographic information available in Census 2016. An important data source in our planning process.

Proprietary PML Group lifestyle study carried out among 1,500 respondents nationally.

Provides essential consumer insights, building effective consumer understanding and audience profiling for OOH planning and buying.

Harnesses the power of mobile by creating category affinity groups based on app and social media use.

Industry coverage and frequency measure, ensuring our planning meets these key KPIs.

Content Management and Brand Safety

Brand safety and protection of our clients’ investment is of paramount importance to us. Once a campaign hits the street, the next phase of our role is to ensure delivery of planned activity and provide peace of mind and accountability for our clients. This is done via our Poster Audit Bureau team. Digital content is managed centrally via our Dynamic CMS platform.

Our Dynamic platform is a digital content management system that allows advertisers optimise their OOH campaign by delivering contextually relevant content across multiple media owner screens. Content triggers such as weather, time, location or live data such as sports scores or social media feeds can be applied to OOH campaigns in a seamless manner, exclusively by Dynamic.

Poster Audit Bureau (PAB) physically monitor more than 20,000 OOH advertising panels each 2-week cycle. Although rare, issues such as weather damage, misposting of sites and non-compliance of regulatory codes can occur and nothing short of a 100% inspection of sites each cycle will ensure a client’s investment is protected and their brand is appearing when and where it should be.

Our monitoring team photograph every OOH campaign each cycle and provide clients with images of their own campaigns and those within their competitive set. Our database of images stretches back more than 30 years and includes over 150,000 campaign images.


Outdoor advertising offers a massive canvass – the streets we all walk every day. It can engage, entertain and inform without editorial interruption. It is a pure form of communication.  So, creative bravery, clever design and the element of surprise are vital in delivering memorable work. Here’s how we can help.

Our team of designers produce hundreds of OOH creations every year. Our Design+ team are experts in creating for Out of Home. Our creative services include:

  • Classic poster design
  • Digital animation
  • Augmented Reality for OOH
  • Contextualised content
  • Design pre-testing
  • Concept Artwork

View our Design+ portfolio here

  • Innovation@

Outdoor advertising is not restricted to the confines of the poster frame. Innovative techniques and special builds can complement classic OOH campaigns to add that something special and different. Our experienced Innovation team delivered more than 70% of all OOH specials in 2017.

In the new world of content, we recognise the potential that OOH provides for clients to create content solutions for their brands that can move consumers and create engagement. Often, this involves creating a new media solution or bespoke activation.

Marketing and Campaign Intelligence

Our role continues even after your campaign has finished. A selection of post-campaign services are highlighted below:

Campaigns booked through PML Group receive post-campaign effectiveness research in the form of Poster Impact. Established in 1996, Poster Impact measures key metrics that are trended and benchmarked by category, format and time period.

Posterwatch is PML Group’s market intelligence service, offering clients a 100% view on the OOH market, fuelled by our PAB monitoring service.

Our marketing team regularly deliver additional coverage for client campaigns via social media and trade press.