We deliver leading performance across OOH planning and buying, both domestically and internationally. We also provide advanced research, data and analytics skills, specialised digital OOH services and expertise in mobile and broader location-based marketing.

Location-Based Marketing Expertise

Our interrogation of numerous different location data sources and use of a range of analytics tools gives us an in-depth understanding about where people are across a diverse range of environments, what they’re doing, what their interests are, and how to communicate with them most effectively.

Technology and Tools

Posterscope’s ECOS is a global, proprietary end-to-end campaign management platform with a range of applications designed to support and enhance business activity in the following areas; Campaign workflow • Location and comms planning • Data analytics • Mapping and visualisation • marketing and Communication business intelligence • Automation

The ECOS platform supports all our individual business service workflows. From superior planning functionality that can ingest any 1st or 3rd party location data to Google API mapping visualisation, along with in-depth business and finance reporting.  ECOS can deliver all automation functionality.

ECOS is a key foundation of our future business and is currently live in 23 Posterscope markets, with the plan to roll out to a number of others in the next 2 years.  ECOS allows us to digitally connect with our media owner partners and customers, enabling more data-driven, digital, automated media planning and buying.

Real-Time OOH

Posterscope’s partnership, and subsequent acquisition of Liveposter in 2017, enables us to deliver ‘dynamic’ campaigns in real time, increasing digital campaign effectiveness, and signifying our commitment to remain at the forefront of Out of Home, not only bolstering its global real-time capabilities, but also by providing a unique offering. 

Furthermore, Liveposter enables us to approach OOH planning in a holistic manner that reflects the needs of our clients. Delivering dynamic Digital Out of Home at scale, will no longer be the exception but will become the norm on any OOH plan.

Airport Consultancy and Expertise

PSI, Posterscope’s international division, provides powerful marketing solutions to engage audiences travelling internationally; a central hub for global location-based campaign delivery. PSI’s expertise in location-based touchpoint activation across markets is unrivalled – delivering the right solutions for clients across the entire, global travel corridor.

Understanding the Consumer

Our world-leading OOH Survey OCS (Out-of-Home Consumer Study) is the largest single source consumer survey measuring attitudes and behaviours in the OOH space. OCS delivers the insight to create the optimum OOH marketing and comms plan, determining the most efficient format and environment mix to engage with the consumer at the right time, in the right place, in the right mindset.

The survey now runs in 30 Posterscope countries with a sample of over 100,000 adults, delivering a balance of consistent knowledge of the global OOH consumer coupled with in depth market specific insight on differences in the local OOH landscape which shape consumer journeys.