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PML Group celebrating 40 Years

2022 was a special year for PML Group, as we marked forty years of bringing great brands to life through brilliant Out of Home advertising. To celebrate this milestone, we ran our very own national Outdoor ad campaign, across multiple formats and environments.

The campaign spoke to the scale and impact of classic OOH, its ability to create awareness, pique interest and drive response. We embraced the flexibility and relevance of dynamic digital OOH, setting out to show how OOH is the original and ultimate brand builder that is intrinsically linked with mobile and behavioural change.

The 4T initiative was conceptualised and designed using PML Group’s full suite of tools and services, including Mind, campaign planning and audience optimisation, and Maps, our inventory and audience visualisation tool. The campaign was created in-house by our Create design team, while our Innovate team built the 4T mobile platform and game. Liveposter allowed us to dynamically adserve and verify content across multiple digital networks. Finally, Review measured results via post-campaign attribution analysis and independent research through Ipsos B&A.

To find out more about this campaign and to learn how Out of Home can extend reach beyond the streets, driving IRL to URL, contact us at

Sources: Ipsos B&A, Google Analytics and Liveposter Verify