Data fuelled location based marketing. Connecting the brand and consumer in the modern OOH ecosystem.


    At PML Group we have a deep understanding of what people think, feel and do and how they live, work and play in the out of the home space. This makes us experts in reaching and influencing audiences in the physical world.

    We challenge ourselves and our clients to Be More Now by channelling creative bravery, smart data and dynamic delivery to fully optimise modern Out of Home marketing.


PML Group is part of Posterscope, the world’s leading location-based marketing agency. We have been operating in Ireland since 1982. Our client service teams in PML and Source out of home use a diverse collection of complementary tools and services to navigate the contemporary OOH ecosystem to deliver the best for our clients.

Our complete OOH solution for clients includes:

  • Media Planning & Buying via PML and Source out of home
  • Brand Safety via Poster Audit Bureau
  • Digital Content Management via our Dynamic platform
  • Creative Solutions via Create
  • Innovation and Experiential Activation via our Innovation team
  • Market Intelligence
  • Research
  • PR and Campaign Amplification


For over forty years, PML Group has been Ireland’s leading provider of location-based marketing, allowing brands to connect and engage with audiences in the real world. We provide value to our clients through the unmatched expertise of our people, combined with a unique set of proprietary tools and services that inform our campaign management through three key pillars – PLAN, ACTION and REVIEW.

Our interrogation of numerous location data sources and use of a range of analytics tools gives us in-depth understanding about where people are across a diverse range of environments, what they’re doing, what their interests are, and how to communicate with them most effectively. Our world-leading OOH Survey OCS (Out-of-Home Consumer Study) delivers the insight to create optimum OOH marketing and comms plans, determining the most efficient format and environment mix to engage with the consumer at the right time, in the right place, in the right mindset.

Our ongoing iQ research programme, in conjunction with Ipsos MRBI, provides ongoing insights into the attitudes and opinions of Irish consumers. These exclusive PML Group tools are complemented by TGI and Mosaic, offering our clients the most extensive set of audience profiling tools.

We have formed strategic external partnerships to ensure that our OOH solutions incorporate and capitalise on the most relevant data available. Our partnership with Locomizer allows us to incorporate key mobility and user interest profiling data and further optimise our decisions. TGI adds another layer of relevance to our audience understanding while JNOR ensures we meet key audience coverage targets on all our plans.

Our MAPS platform ingests key location data such as Locomizer alongside up-to-date demographic census data, OOH panel data and hundreds of business sets. These geomarketing tools provide relevant geographic information for specific target groups. From superior planning functionality that can ingest any 1st or 3rd party location data to Google API mapping visualisation, the platform is a key service offering.

Proprietary end-to-end campaign management platform with a range of applications designed to support and enhance our brilliant client service teams. Planner supports all our individual business service workflows, right through the PLAN, ACTION and REVIEW stages of our campaign cycles. Campaign quality is a priority throughout the planning process and our PPR site classification system ensures the highest quality campaigns.

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Our Liveposter platform is the industry leading Dynamic DOOH platform. It gives advertisers the opportunity to maximise the full potential of Dynamic DOOH and create award-winning campaigns that can change depending on the moments that matter in the real world. In a world of constant distraction, with information available at the touch of a button, consumers want and expect brands to connect with them in an engaging way.

Liveposter is a digital content management platform that allows brands optimise their OOH campaign by delivering contextually relevant content triggers such as weather, time, location or live data such as sports scores or social media feeds to OOH campaigns in a seamless manner.

We combine technology, data, insight and process to help create compelling DOOH campaigns that utilise the latest data to connect brands with their audience. Campaigns can be supplied to multiple media owners, globally, from a single integrated platform.


Liveposter allows us to digitally connect with multiple OOH media networks and customers, enabling more data-driven, digital, automated media planning and buying. Touch of a button edits, ad updates or scheduled copy change are all managed by Adserve, keeping our client’s DOOH messaging dynamic, relevant and consistent.

We publish and distribute content effortlessly from one central platform across multiple screens, networks and media owners. This gives brands complete control of their DOOH and helps get their message out to their audience with real-time interactions. This technology allows seamless integration between brands and customers in the Out of Home arena.


Our award-winning Create team provides a complete OOH production service, including the conception, design and production of all formats and materials for the OOH market. This ranges from the building of assets for classic OOH posters to the provision of more complex Dynamic creative for digital OOH screens.

Our team work closely with brand owners, media agencies and creative agencies to create effective, powerful OOH advertising, based on years of experience, insight, research, and, most importantly, talent.


Data and analytics are integrated throughout the PLAN-ACTION-REVIEW process and this is true when it comes to the art of creating for OOH. Our Preview tool uses a predictive algorithm, based on actual eye-tracking studies to test for pre-attentive vision i.e. the crucial first 3-5 seconds of viewing. This process, visualised by heatmapping output, helps ensure that OOH designs are optimised and make a meaningful impact with on-street audiences.


Verify provides unique substantiation of OOH campaign delivery in the Irish Outdoor market. A ground-breaking first in the Irish media market, Verify uses the Liveposter platform to gather and report live updates on digital OOH display throughout the life of a campaign. This fully automated, transparent and independent reporting system offers clients full accountability for their DOOH investment, incorporating key criteria including location, time, network and creative.

Automated digital verification reflects our commitment to accountability and transparency and complements our physical monitoring of more than 20,000 OOH panels in Ireland every cycle, a commitment first undertaken more than 25 years ago and is today carried out by our team of nationwide inspectors.

Watch is PML Group’s market intelligence service, offering clients a 100% view on the OOH market, fueled by our Verify service. It is the most comprehensive information and design library in the Out of Home market in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. It measures the formats, weights, value and timing of every Out of Home campaign in every cycle.

Watch information stretches back more than 25 years and information on a cycle is available in the week following the end of the cycle. All Out of Home advertising is covered by Watch, from billboards and bus shelters, to buses, niche media and Digital OOH formats.

Watch is the quickest as well as the most complete source of OOH advertising data in the country


Impact is PML Group’s post campaign effectiveness research service, carried out on more than 25,000 OOH campaigns since 1996. Each year, in excess of one thousand OOH campaigns are measured in terms of KPIs including awareness, creative, understanding, call to action and relevance. This unrivalled service offers brands the opportunity to gauge the success of their campaign and measure its effectiveness against category and format benchmarks.

Research is conducted independently by Ipsos B&A with campaigns in-field among 300 Dublin respondents every two weeks.

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Impact Awards recognise the most effective OOH campaigns researched by Ipsos each year, combining campaign recall and creative ratings to ascertain their effectiveness score.

Winners in 2022 included Bank of Ireland, Virgin Media, McDonald’s, Diageo and Cadbury.