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School’s out, the weather is improving, and holidays are coming. It’s time to dust off the BBQ and get gig-ready, because summer is well and truly here. Out of Home is a medium for all seasons but for obvious reasons Outdoor has a lot to shout about at this time of year. Especially at this time of this year. The summers of 2020 and 2021 were muted under the shadow of a pandemic. The summer of 2022 has a different vibe completely, a sense of freedom and excitement that was in short supply in recent years.  To get an understanding of the mindset of the consumer and their feelings and intentions for the summer ahead, PML Group has partnered with Ipsos to produce All Out Summer, an in-depth study showing how and why OOH has such a rich role to play for your brand in the vibrant summer ahead. The visuals below highlight some of the key findings from the research and a full deck can be accessed at the bottom of this page.

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Summer Campaigns
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4 in 10 CONCERTS
92 Socialising Outdoors
Top 6 Words
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