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Now that we have your attention, let us tell you about how OOH media is THE standout contender in the battle for the most precious of media resources – audience attention. Advertising is in the business of attention, an industry that builds real-world emotional responses between brands and people. Attention must be at the forefront of marketer’s minds when channelling media investment because research shows how attention helps build brands and drive sales. 

Announcing the 2024 IMPACT Awards, celebrating best in class OOH work across the island of Ireland in a diverse spectrum of product categories.

In 2023, these brands stood out and seized the attention opportunity available to them through OOH marketing, delivering impactful and effective campaigns.

We partnered with Ipsos B&A to research the effectiveness of more than 1,000 Outdoor advertising campaigns in 2023, as part of our IMPACT research offering. These brands stood out and seized the attention opportunity available to them through OOH marketing, delivering impactful and effective campaigns.

Colum Harmon, marketing director comments:
“At a time when attention is in short supply, it’s clear that OOH is getting brands noticed more than ever. These winning campaigns are not only excellent in their own right, but combined, they form a powerful study in deploying OOH superbly well. Congratulations to all the brands, media agencies and creative agencies for their collaborative efforts in doing the very best work in showcasing their products and services on OOH.”

Kantar Media Reactions 2023

Kantar’s Media Reactions 2023 study is based on insights from some 16,000 consumers and 900 marketers around the world. All the channels in the top consumer rankings carry advertising that you need to go out and experience in person.  

There is a 90% correlation between media channels that consumers claim capture their attention, and those in which they prefer seeing advertising. 

Global Consumer - Attention capturing chart

In-person media channels should not be underestimated, as many bring consumer receptivity and attention. This can bring more brand impact for ad campaigns with the right content and customisation. 

Media Impact Study

OOH media is a physical, real world channel that is part of our daily lives, communicating with us at key touchpoints in our day – commuting, working, socialising, shopping etc.  

Who knows better what grabs their attention that the audience themselves? PML Group recently collaborated with independent research agency Ipsos B&A to directly engage Dubliners to discover what the best media is to capture and hold their attention. The study showed OOH as the most consistent medium for delivering attention across various audience demographics.

The desire for attention prompts a fundamental rethinking of how OOH spaces can be crafted—not as mere channels for messages, but as platforms for engagement and experiences. It is a call to create advertising that doesn’t just occupy space but enriches it, inviting the passerby to engage with the world around them. 

OOH that will thrive in the attention economy will be that which understands attention not as a commodity to be exploited, but as a dialogue to be engaged with. 

In a world where our attention is pulled in countless directions, OOH that breaks through the noise will be that which offers not just a message, but a moment of genuine engagement. 

A pioneering cross-industry collaboration between Clear Channel, JCDecaux UK, and Posterscope in the UK demonstrated the power of relevancy in Out of Home to increase consumer brain response, ad recall, brand / creative rating, and sales response. 

Neuroscience was used to demonstrate the correlation between relevant content and the brains response (attention) of the consumer. 

Our Liveposter platform gives advertisers the opportunity to maximise the full potential of Dynamic DOOH and create communications that can change depending on the moments that matter in the real world. 

The commercial opportunity around improving your OOH attention techniques are profound. The Point of Search research shows that searches conducted outside the home are more likely to lead to actions such as a purchase and the same study also shows that searches are more likely to be conducted out of home in the first place. According to TGI, more than 1.2 million people who have seen an OOH ad in the past week have responded by researching a product or service on their phone.  

That moment of attention could be the most telling and valuable exchange between the consumer and the brand. 

People want advertising to be entertaining and interesting and the sheer scale of a billboard or the malleable nature of on-screen digital display offers brands an unmatched canvas. It’s a pure advertising medium that cannot be skipped, paused, or blocked, and powerful OOH creative has the ability to move minds. 

OOH is THE location marketing channel and can be relevant to location or to environmental factors such as weather or live events, adding resonance and increasing likelihood of capturing coveted attention.  

Because of the pure nature of the medium, OOH thrives on quality creative. Creating powerful messaging is the first step to winning consumer attention. Here are 5 OOH creative tips that will help win the battle for attention. 

1. Use a simple design for your OOH creative

Great design in OOH is always beautifully simple, and always uncluttered.  

The core ethos of simplicity in design is summarised by advice from Coco Chanel; “Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off!” 

2. Employ minimal but striking copy for OOH ads

Wherever possible, aim for five words or less within the design. 

The success of this principle is evidenced in almost all recent Cannes Lions Outdoor Winners, with global giants including Pepsi, Heinz, McDonald’s, and Cadbury all stripping away everything but the absolute essentials within their OOH creative.  

3. Use bold colours and high contrast to make out-of-home campaigns stand out

Use colour to distinguish between critical elements within the creative.  

Be bold! Because being subtle with colour will not provide the impact you need to attract the attention of the on-the-go audience you’re trying to reach. And colour is how you highlight the key areas, elements and details that will emphasise the message. 

4. Make your OOH ads entertaining

Don’t underestimate the delight of clever discovery. 

Often we forget that audiences loves to be entertained, and in Outdoor environments, that is easily achieved by making space for the viewer to think for themselves and appreciate the details within a creative. 

5. Add data for more impactful Outdoor ad campaigns

When using Digital OOH, explore what data could enhance the advertising concept. 

The connectedness of DOOH and its dynamic capability has opened up a wealth of creative opportunities, allowing different data to be incorporated into the Outdoor execution. 

Richard Shotton emphasises targeting not just the audience, but their mood. Positive feelings enhance attention, noticeability, and trust in advertising. Moments of happiness and relaxation should be a target for both media and creative strategies.

As we move into 2024, the dynamic nature of consumer attention continues to be a crucial factor for Out of Home (OOH) advertising. Our MIND research, conducted in collaboration with Ipsos B&A, explores how the timing, location, and mood of consumers can be leveraged for optimal OOH campaign effectiveness.

Commutes and Public Spaces:

During commutes, consumers exhibit an ‘open-minded’ mood, more receptive to OOH messages. Morning commuters are more focused, often contemplating personal matters, while the evening commute sees a shift towards relaxation with thoughts of family and entertainment.

Retail and Leisure Environments

In contrast, retail and leisure settings evoke a ‘happy’ mood. Shoppers in supermarkets are task-focused, whereas those in malls or high streets are more relaxed. This relaxed mindset extends to leisure environments like bars and airports, where people are more excited, happy, and open-minded.

Generational Insights and Location Preferences

Generational Trends: Gen Z shows a higher tendency to engage in entertainment and leisure activities, while Millennials gravitate towards social locations. Different generational cohorts exhibit varying preferences for retail and leisure venues.

Location-Based Behaviours: Public transport travellers feel more at ease, occasionally bored, presenting a unique opportunity for station and in-carriage advertising. Drivers often report being focused, yet open-minded, highlighting the potential for roadside OOH.

Strategic Implications for Advertisers:

– OOH and Digital Out of Home (DOOH) are among the top preferred media, minimally interrupting consumer lives while effectively capturing attention.

– Positive engagement in ads correlates with higher consumer attention and preference, suggesting that ads that resonate positively are less likely to be ignored.

– The Point of Search study reveals that out-of-home mobile searches are driven by varied triggers, including location needs and sensory experiences, indicating impulsive behaviour and a quest for inspiration.

As we continue to navigate the complexities of the OOH ecosystem, understanding and targeting consumer moods across various environments becomes key. By aligning strategic campaign placement with consumer mood and location, advertisers can effectively connect with and engage their audience, maximising the impact of their OOH campaigns.

Stay tuned for further insights as we delve deeper into the nuances of consumer behaviour and attention in Out of Home environments.


PML Group, Ireland’s largest Out of Home (OOH) agency, has expanded its sustainable solutions to all classic roadside campaigns in Ireland, as part of its ongoing commitment to a greener and more sustainable future. In partnership with Horizon Digital Print, PML Group will exclusively deliver for its clients fully recycled and recyclable paper across all roadside print formats.  These include 6 Sheets, 48 Sheets, 96 Sheets and Golden Squares. This industry first marks another pioneering and progressive step in the agency’s ongoing contribution to a medium focussed on meaningful and effective change for good. It is effective from February 2024.

(Geoff Lyons, CEO, PML Group, and Karen Claxton, Group Investment Director, PML Group)

This is the latest in a wide array of positive and proactive OOH industry responses to the climate crisis. These pertain to use of energy, printing, lighting, digitisation, amenities, green transport provision and excellence in operational procedures.

In 2021, PML Group became the first OOH company to launch fully recycled materials for 6 Sheets and establish best practice in printing operations with Horizon Digital Print. In addition, PML Group clients’ posters are all printed using Forest Steward Council® (FSC®) certified material (FSC-C095157). This means the product is made from well managed FSC® certified forests, recycled materials, and controlled sources. All posters are also printed with water-based Green Guard Gold certified inks on the most technologically efficient machinery to minimise electricity and reduce waste. With this announcement, large format roadside is added to this process.

(Derek Gillen, MD, Horizon Digital Print, Karen Claxton, Geoff Lyons, and Richard Whitty, Sustainability Manager, Horizon Digital Print)

In 2023, Horizon Digital Print won the ‘Green Manufacturer Award’ at The Green Awards, the first organisation to do so, paving the way for change. The awards recognise the contribution and commitment that companies now make towards growing a greener future in Irish business today.

Geoff Lyons, CEO at PML Group said:

“At PML Group, our attention is on driving real and tangible sustainable initiatives that can positively help with one of the most pressing issues of our generation. We are delighted to expand our use of 100% recycled and recyclable paper across all roadside large formats and 6 Sheets.  We believe in leadership and meaningful action, that helps put our business, our partners, and our clients on the right path to a sustainable future.”

Derek Gillen, Managing Director, Horizon Digital Print said:

“Today marks a major step in my printing life. Having spent 42 years in the OOH industry and seeing the numerous changes and developments over the last four decades, I feel this material is one of the most significant changes to date. The future of OOH is secure with the effective use of sustainable circular material. I feel that these changes we are making today will have a positive impact in our industry and for future generations.

Building on from our ‘Green Manufacturer Award’ in 2023 we are delighted to partner with PML Group on such a positive collaboration. We are committed to develop and implement sustainable innovations throughout our business. We have the most energy efficient printing machines available and have replaced all Petro Solvent inks with water-based Green Guard gold certified inks. Printing on 100% Recycled, FSC® certified paper allows us to create a circular economy with these precious natural resources. Once the printed posters have completed their cycle, they will go back into the circular economy to be recycled and reused. Horizon Digital Print in parentship with the PML are committed to leading the change in how we do business, change that helps build a more sustainable future for all of us”

Karen Claxton, Group Investment Director at PML Group also commented:

“This initiative is another example of our organisation’s unrelenting commitment to sourcing the best-in-class solutions for our clients in all aspects of OOH campaign delivery. Furthermore, quality is paramount for us, so we are very pleased that the product we’ve procured, along with the production techniques deployed, have passed all quality tests. This is a journey that we are all on and this marks another huge step in our drive for change.”