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  • Pat Cassidy (PML), Nathalie Dooley and Ryan Reid (Carat)

Cadbury was injecting some positivity into Irish life with its feel-good OOH campaign this month, that displayed good deeds carried out by the people of Ireland.

As part of a wider PR plan, Cadbury and Today FM teamed up to invite people to submit stories of random act of kindness they experienced. These stories were then incorporated into the confectionery brands’ OOH plan to convey it’s glass and a half messaging.

The OOH campaign targeted 6 areas where submitted gestures took place. Car park takeovers were executed in Dundrum Town Centre, Omni Park and Mahon Point with good deeds that took place in those locations.

In Fartown, an admobile special showed up in the presence of Today FM to present Sound Town of the month to the Glenmaddy family whose house was rebuilt by the people to Fartown after it was burnt down in a fire. The admobile was customised to look like a house.

96 Sheets, 48 Sheets and 6 Sheets disseminated other random acts of kindness with bespoke regional activity in Mullingar and Naas.

Media: Carat – Creative: VCCP, Packed House, Design + – OOH Agency: PML