3D DOOH Touches Hearts on Mother’s Day

Toronto, CA:

Outdoor advertising continues to effectively engage audiences during key occasions such as Mother’s Day. This was recently exemplified by Canadian OOH specialist Branded Cities, whose Digital OOH campaign for the event’s non UKIE date made a big splash across the Toronto skyline this past Sunday.

PML Group’s iQ research from January found that billboards were the most effective form of advertising in prompting purchases related to seasonal events. More recent research also emphasised the impact of large format OOH, highlighting its 24-hour exposure effects, scale, and capacity to build brand trust and fame.

Branded Cities took this wisdom to heart. Their digital billboards, straddling the skyline atop the Toronto Eaton Centre and Nasdaq building, were a veritable feast for the eyes. This heart-warming, innovative 3D displays pulled at Toronto’s heartstrings, proving that billboards are the true romantics of the advertising world and serving as a powerful reminder of the potential of Outdoor advertising – a tool that not only captures the public’s attention but also evokes a communal sense of joy and togetherness.