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Diageo Lights up Summer with Rockshore OOH

Diageo’s Rockshore brand has expanded further with the introduction of Rockshore Light joining the cider and lager product lines. Employing our Liveposter platform, the campaign offers the brand a chance to promote both variants in rotation and when most relevant. Rockshore Light is on display throughout cycle 16 up to Sunday, August 9.

However, when temperatures reach 17 degrees and it’s dry, the Liveposter trigger automatically activates the cider creative on sites. Over the weekends, both creative treatments have rotated. Across the country, Orbscreens and Digipanels are displaying the campaign, as well as Tesco Live, which has the extra Dynamic element of a location call out.

The recently-published research study, ‘Moments of Truth’, found that digital Out of Home (DOOH) campaigns which use contextually relevant messaging achieve an average increase in effectiveness of 17 per cent. Hannah Todd, senior brand manager for Rockshore, said the insights have been used to best effect in delivering an efficient DOOH campaign.

Scott Molloy, account manager, Source OOH, said innovation and delivering targeted messages is key for brands to stand out. “Dynamic elements on OOH increase brand engagement,” Molloy said. “By employing Liveposter, Diageo increased the campaign’s relevance. It’s an example of the optimisation layers such campaigns can deliver,” he added.