McDonald’s serve up on DOOH with innovative ‘food trucks


When McDonald’s Sverige launched their new street food-style fried chicken burger in recent weeks, they were keen to get their product in front of consumers new and old.

Rather than go the traditional advertising route, they decided to embrace the namesake of the product and take it to the streets – but not in a way you might expect.

Embracing the innovative capabilities of Outdoor, agency NORD DDB located #DOOH panels in proximity to McDonald’s restaurants in central areas Stockholm and Vasteras. To these wheels and an awning were added, effectively turning them into modern day ‘food trucks’.

Once drawn to the installations, consumers were faced with a stylised creative featuring a large QR code. Upon scanning, a digital chef would then begin to prepare the new product and, once the loop had ended, the consumer’s device would be sent a voucher for a free fried chicken burger to be redeemed in the McDonald’s app. The customer could then redeem this and pick up their very real burger at the nearby restaurant. Tasty!

“We wanted a new take on DOOH advertising, something which felt engaging, interactive, and fresh while also letting people know about, and perhaps try, McDonald’s Sweden’s new burger,” noted Josefina Norén, art director at Nord DDB.

The campaign aligns with our OCS study which showed that food, and what to have for lunch and dinner, is often on people’s minds as they commute, exercise, and socialise outside of the home. This in effective combination with the use of customised OOH and the (growingly provocative) QR codes makes this a stellar special for McDonald’s and a great example of how innovation on OOH is only limited by the imagination.