Embracing Out of Home

Irish Life has launched a major new campaign called Embracing Change. A major focus of the campaign is on Out of Home and is based on the insight that our ability to deal with change is what makes it a positive or negative experience. We all want to feel more secure and in control of our lives, but are faced with constant, often unpredictable change which we can’t control – though we can take measures to help us better prepare for it. The campaign features a series of light-hearted scenarios to showcase the futility of catastrophising about future life changes that we can’t control. Among the OOH formats featured in the campaign are 48 Sheets, 96 Sheets, Digipanels, DX Screens, Metropoles, Bus Shelters and City Impact.

Commenting on the new campaign, Karl Symes Head of Marketing Communications from Irish Life said: “Throughout this campaign we acknowledge the worries and challenges that people often face about the future. We know we can’t control change but there are things we can do to prepare for it. And over the coming months we’ll be launching a series of innovative new ways that Irish Life will provide tangible help you for example to embrace healthier lifestyles or to help people who are preparing to retire shortly.  So with the right plans in place you can confidently embrace the inevitable changes and challenges that will arise throughout your life.”

Media: Mediaworks

Creative: JWT Folk

OOH Agency: Source out of home