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Laya Healthcare Reimagines OOH

  • Paul Arthurs (TBWA), Shasha Gan (Carat), Rebecca Trevor (Laya), Alan Byrne (TBWA) and Niamh Daly (PML)

With January a traditionally busy period in the Irish health insurance market, laya healthcare took the opportunity to launch Ireland’s newest and largest network of health and wellbeing clinics.

Laya Health and Wellbeing Clinics mark a new era in healthcare, expanding what health insurance providers offer for Irish people. A full through the line campaign created by TBWA\Dublin saw laya healthcare disrupt the media landscape with OOH dominations on a number of strategically chosen formats.

With the first clinic located in Cherrywood, a LUAS domination was the perfect format to target audiences based on location. A centre LUAS wrap, Commuter Cards and Straplines built the domination.

Another commuter domination saw the row of Commuter Points located on Pearse Street Station platform communicating the newly launched clinics and enticing in-market audiences to make the switch.

Planned by Carat and PML, 48 Sheets, Bus Shelters and digital screens in commuter and retail environments completed the campaign.

“The launch of our network of clinics is a reflection of our ongoing strategy to be more than a health insurer to our members and become a real health partner. We’re delighted with the final campaign and how it reflects our relevance for the Irish public and their health” Rebecca Trevor, Advertising Brand Manager at laya healthcare.