London’s Marble Arch becomes a brand canvas for Vodafone

London, UK:

OOH advertising in the UK has taken an interesting innovative leap with Vodafone’s recent unveiling of a purpose-built sleeve on Marble Arch, London.

Managed by Ocean Outdoor, the unique ad spot is set to serve as media space for the foreseeable, with ad spend contributing to the conservation efforts of the iconic London landmark.

Vodafone, recently crowned ‘Best network in London’, transformed the arch with Vodafone’s signature red branding, promises maximum visibility due to the monument’s prime location overlooking Hyde Park.

Vodafone’s UK Head of Brand, Maria Koutsoudakis, expressed her excitement about being the first brand to secure an OOH spot on the new Marble Arch advertising sleeve, “This unique opportunity at Marble Arch is the perfect way to celebrate, allowing us to give back to London by playing a part in supporting the conservation of one of the city’s most iconic landmarks.”

Phil Hall, CEO of Ocean Outdoor UK, reflected on the partnership: “This has been one of the most ambitious installations Ocean has ever undertaken and required a monumental collaboration from all the partners involved. I can’t think of a better launch partner than Vodafone to mark its Best in London award.”