Out With is our online series that delves into the Outdoor lives of some of the country’s best known media and marketing professionals. This month, we hear from Pat Mannion, Commercial Director, JCDecaux.

1. Favourite thing to do outdoors

I am involved in coaching an underage GAA team and they are such a great bunch of kids, it keeps me young!  We just got relegated at the end of 2019!

2. Favourite place to shop – Shopping Centre/City Centre

I wouldn’t be the biggest fan of shopping in the world, but it’s hard to say no to a visit to Avoca in Malahide Castle.  A beautiful park to have a walk, and then in to Avoca for a mug of coffee.

3. Favourite location for a weekend walk

A fantastic walk at the weekends is up around Howth Head.  A good workout for the mind and the body and the dogs, this walk has the most beautiful views out over Dublin Bay and across to Ireland’s Eye.

4. Favourite pub for a cosy drink

That is like asking which one is your favourite child!  The Palace Bar on Fleet Street is hard to beat.

5. Favourite park to visit

The Phoenix Park.  More or less the same place it was when I was a child, I still can’t resist climbing the steps of the monument any time we visit.

6.  Your Hidden Gem

Not so hidden but often overlooked, the Botanic Gardens in Glasnevin, the tea rooms are very nice too.

7. Favourite roadtrip to take 

Through Connemara.  When you hit Maam Cross, this place never fails to amaze me, just breathtaking!  Clifden, Killary Fjord, Leenane, a true wonder of the world.

8. Favourite OOH site/location

Our 96 sheet Premiere at Annesley Bridge in Fairview.  The redevelopment of this site a few years back marked the beginning of the end of the global recession for me so it has a special place in my heart.  Plus you can see it from miles away and there are three lanes of heavy traffic passing by, sure what’s not to love?

9.  Favourite sports venue

Croke Park, watching the Dubs!  It wasn’t always like it is now, so it’s important to enjoy these special moments and this very unique team.

10. Favourite Irish beach

Strandhill in Sligo.  A beautiful golden sandy beach, nice cafes, lovely welcoming people with lots of different activities going on  all around you in the water and on the beach, a fantastic  weekend getaway.

11.  Favourite location for some inspiration

Newgrange in county Meath is a very inspirational place.  Older than the pyramids and amazingly clever in design, the intelligence involved, it must have been built by Dubs passing through!!

12. Favourite mode of transport 

My Dad was a train driver and used to sneak us up front with him travelling to and from Belfast in the days before health and safety was a thing!  I haven’t found a better way to travel yet.

13. All-time favourite OOH campaign

I let this sit for a few days to see what the old memory bank would throw up and there are many great creative campaigns throughout the history of Irish out of home.  For me though there is just one winner and that was the billboard campaign for Bulmers Christmas lights.  It ran for many years and never lost any of its magic.