James Byrne, marketing manager, PML Group with this week’s Out \ Look on Out of Home


Nestlé KitKat Triggers Dynamic Messaging whether it Rains or Shines

As we brace the winter elements, Nestlé KitKat has launched a nationwide Dynamic DOOH campaign with multiple triggered messages dependant on weather conditions and environment, all delivered via the Liveposter platform.

Maria McKenna, Confectionery Marketing Manager, Nestlé Ireland comments “Fundamental to KitKat advertising is the iconic tagline ‘Have a break, have a KitKat’ and through our current digital Outdoor campaign we set out to connect this with real time situational frustrations experienced by the consumer be that unpredictable weather, the missed train, a delayed bus or a long day at work”.

Contextualised weather copy incorporating temperature, windspeed and rain chances callouts include ‘Duvet Day?’, ‘Take it Breezy’ and ‘Chill Outside’.  Visual metaphor transforms the chocolate bar into a bench encouraging commuters to pause for a break as they ‘take the wait off’ or to ‘take five’.

The landmark ‘Moments of Truth’ study, which examined the power of relevancy in Out of Home, found that consumer brain response is 18% higher when viewing relevant content in digital Out of Home campaigns, which in turn leads to a 17% increase in consumers’ spontaneous advertising recall, and ultimately proving that dynamic digital Out of Home campaigns can deliver a 16% sales uplift.

The current KitKat campaign, planned by Zenith and Source out of home, with creative by Wunderman Thompson, is running across a variety of screen formats including Commuter dPods, Digishelters targeting commuters, roadside Digipanels and retail comprising Tesco Live, Adshel Live and Mall dPods.

Consumers are in a positive mindset in Retail and Leisure Environments

The dynamic nature of consumer attention has been identified as strategically important factor as we move into 2024. For Out of Home, the strategic timing and placement of campaigns generates attention in order to maximise impact.

Our latest Mind research series, conducted with Ipsos B&A, sets out to identify the time, place and consumer mood allowing advertisers to plan OOH to achieve the optimum consumer connection.

In the second instalment, we look at how feel across retail, travel and leisure environments.

Across all five activities / locations people rank ‘happy’ as one of the top three moods they generally feel indicating that they are more open to external stimuli – including OOH messages. It is interesting to see how feelings differ when shopping for groceries versus lifestyle items. In the supermarket consumers tend to be more focused on the task in hand whereas in shopping malls or on the high street shoppers are more relaxed.

A mix of classic and digital formats create a retail presence to remind and prompt shoppers during that crucial last window of influence prior to purchase.

86% of people have visited a supermarket in the past month according to our OCS survey of more than three thousand Irish adults. Other notable destinations are shopping centres / high street at 61%, pharmacies (53%). A quarter of adults have visited a gym or health club in the past month.

As regards generational cohorts, Gen Z (less than 25 years) index highly for entertainment and leisure activities with 43% visiting a bar (index 118) and 11% going to a music concert (index 138). Every brand needs a stage and 16% of 16-24s report attending an arts or cultural event (including theatres) in the past month. Millennials (25-38) also index over par for socialising locations as do Dubliners.

When out in bars or travelling through the airport people tend to be more excited. Pub goers tend to be happier, more relaxed and more receptive, particularly when they are hanging out with friends and socialising. Whereas people tend to be more relaxed in bar environments they are often more nervous when in the airport particularly when queuing at check-in or security. Air travellers also describe themselves as open minded indicating anticipation of the journey / trip ahead.

In different environments people tend to have specific mindsets. This will influence the way a consumer perceives an ad within that environment. This study shows that consumers are likely to be in a particularly receptive frame of mind when out of home and advertisers can tap into this opportunity through strategic use of placement and message.

Solar Power Hits New Heights

MicroMedia has installed four solar panels on the roof of 151 Pearse Street which enable both of the existing billboards, on Pearse Street and Sandwith Street, to operate 100% off grid. The result is a country-wide first zero carbon emission illuminated billboard with no energy costs.

This week, Bord na Móna became the first advertiser to appear on the solar powered version of the panels, with the creative message speaking directly to the green nature of the billboards.

Mona Nezamivand, Marketing Specialist with Bord na Móna comments; “This OOH activation aligns perfectly with our company’s evolving focus towards renewable energy and climate solutions, as evidenced by our significant investments in wind energy, solar operations, and peatland restoration. The use of a solar-powered billboard is a practical demonstration of our commitment to sustainability and renewable energy, particularly our support of new businesses and initiatives that support decarbonisation.”

Olya Solntseva, Client Service Executive at PML adds; “It’s really encouraging for us at PML Group to see such investment by media owners like Micromedia in environmentally progressive initiatives being supported by leading organisations such as Bord na Móna.”

Left to right – Peter McNally, Micromedia; Mona Nezamivand, Bord na Móna; Darren Greene, PML and Dermot Murphy, Micromedia

The four panels are angled at 15 degrees south to maximise solar gains and are held in place with bespoke ballast boxes designed for flat roofs with bespoke wind breakers to provide added stability.