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James Byrne, marketing manager, PML Group with this week’s Out \ Look on Out of Home


Public Transport being used for a wide range of activities

New #iQ research conducted on our behalf by Ipsos Ireland indicates the wide variety of missions Dubliners engage with public transport for. Over a third of those surveyed take bus, rail or LUAS for city centre or mall leisure shopping while nearly a sixth use it for grocery shopping. 36% #commute to work or education using #publictransport, rising to 51% among 16-24s. This age group are the biggest users for multiple reasons with 28% using it for sports and training and 42% availing of it for socialising – be that the pub, theatre, cinema or restaurant. 86% of respondents avail of public transport for at least one purpose.

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In terms of most used modes this younger audience is also less inclined to prefer the car with 23% choosing it versus 43% overall. Conversely 54% of younger people use public transport most often, compared to 31% of all respondents. 35% of 25-44 year olds use public transport for family days out.

No alt text provided for this imageMcDonald’s exploding nugget T-Side (Global) engulfs a double decker Dublin Bus
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KitKat plays with legendary ‘Have a’ tagline and everyone gets it

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Wunderman Thompson UK has partnered with KitKat Chocolatory to demonstrate how iconic their tagline is, using only five letters to prove the enduring power of a consistent brand message.

A unique type of #DOOH poster went live at the O2 arena in London, which brought the spirit of the brand to life in a way that only KitKat can… by taking a break halfway through creating the ad. The poster shows only the five letters of ‘Have a’ in white text on a distinctive red background, with the space bar blinking where you would expect to see the word ‘Break’. In a survey, well over half of people not only identified the brand, but also understood the brand message, demonstrating the power of the ‘Have a Break, Have a KitKat’ tagline.

April #WATCHDiageo is month’s top advertiser

As April drew to a close, PML Group’s WATCH market intelligence data showed Diageo as the most present on Outdoor, making the Beers & Spirits stalwart the month’s top advertiser.

No alt text provided for this imageGuinness campaigns were the most visible on Outdoor formats in April (JCDecaux iVision & Global 48 Sheet)

Diageo secured an impressive 9% Share of Voice (SOV) largely driven by #Guinness campaigns. This included the enticing ‘Lovely Day for a Guinness’ displaying across a combination of digital 6’s, 48 Sheets, and large formats like the Green Screen at Stephen’s Green Shopping Centre. Meanwhile the brand’s innovative #sustainability campaign, which showcased ‘the future of Guinness is taking root’, displayed contextual and standard copy on 48 Sheets across the country.

No alt text provided for this imageThe top 5 advertisers for April were Diageo, McDonald’s, Mondelēz, Coca Cola, and Suntory

Following closely in the advertiser rankings were McDonald’s and Mondelēz International, each capturing a 4% SOV. Notably, Mondelēz upped its game with a 3% SOV increase compared to April 2022, making its presence felt in the confectionery category with Cadbury campaigns Chocolate Fingers, Big Win Win, and Cadbury FC in support of the Irish women’s national football team. The Coca-Cola Company and Suntory Beverage & Food GB&I also featured at #4 and #5 respectively.

No alt text provided for this imageCadbury FC’s campaign in support of Irish women’s football was dotted around the country (JCDecaux 48 Sheet HD)

The advertising landscape for April was familiar with the Retail Outlets category leading the pack with a 12% SOV. Campaigns like Dunnes Stores’ Double Savers returned running across 48 Sheets to adeptly tap into the mindset of the cost-conscious consumer, resonating with the market audience.

No alt text provided for this imageDunnes Stores Double Savers returned on large formats (Global 48 Sheet)

The Quick Serve Restaurants (QSR) sector exhibited a growth trend, registering a 3% increase in SOV YoY to 7% to land at the no.5 category. Reflecting it’s #2 spot among advertisers, McDonald’s was on display across 6 Sheets, transit, and roadside large formats with a multitude of campaigns including Spring Wins and their limited Chicken Big Mac and Steakhouse Stack offerings. With its contextual copy, Deliveroo‘s hyperlocal ‘free delivery on top restaurants in your area’ campaign also played a role in facilitating this upward trend, displaying across Luas columns, classic and digital 6s.

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Diageo’s presence was also visible in the Beers & Ciders category at no.2, contributing to a 9% SOV. In addition to Guinness, 0.0, and Storehouse, multi-format Rockshore Cider and Smithwick’s were both visible across Outdoor networks. Soft Drinks claimed an 8% SOV, marking a 2% year-on-year increase.

No alt text provided for this imageRetail Outlets, Beers & Ciders, Soft Drinks, Food, and QSRs were the top categories on OOH in April

Top advertisers and categories are based on WATCH marketing intelligence from PML Group. Based on campaign monitoring display at rate card. For full information on categories or brands, please contact the PML Group team.