James Byrne, marketing manager, PML Group with this week’s Out \ Look on Out of Home.

12th November 2021

Winter Ready

With Halloween behind us and the clocks having changed, Outdoor also saw the first evidence of winter, and Christmas, in the current cycle. The supermarket sector is highly competitive all year round but there’s always an added incentive at this time of year to get customers through the door for the festive season and Dunnes Stores are hitting the ground running this year with their ‘Make Christmas for Everyone’ campaign. The retailer appears on a wide array of classic and digital OOH formats in cycle 23. Virgin Mobile’s new Outdoor creative also speaks to the time of year and can be seen on 48 Sheets, T-Sides, dPods and Metropoles, among other formats. ‘Freedom is Calling’, according to the Virgin Media posters, and that theme of freedom also shouts from the FREE NOW campaign, active on digital bridges and digital Golden Squares, in addition to commuter orientated Transvision screens.

Gordon’s gin is the latest zero-alcohol drinks brand to hit the streets. Appropriately, the Diageo owned product is running very cool, sharp and clear creative to promote the new offering.

The recruitment sector is often a bellwether of the economy as a whole, so we’re delighted to see a major OOH campaign for Jobs.ie this cycle. The ‘jobiest job site’ is splashed across large format, both static and digital.

Food and restaurants are also having a busy period on OOH with campaigns for Kellogg’s, Denny, Cuisine de France, JUST EAT, KFC and McDonald’s all on the medium this week.

 On the Move

The Central Statistics Office (CSO) has published its latest Transport Bulletin.

Latest data available show that car traffic volumes are now at 90% of August 2019 levels in the Dublin area and 91% of October 2019 levels in regional locations. Latest available data for week 43 (week beginning 25 October) show that car traffic volumes were 93.0% higher in Dublin and 114.6% higher in selected regional sites compared with week 1 of this year.

Comparing the latest available data for week 43 to the same week in 2020 shows that the traffic volume of private cars was 55.1% higher in the Dublin sites in 2021. A similar trend is shown when looking at the selected regional sites. The volume of private cars in the regional locations was 59.5% higher in week 43 of 2021 than it was in week 43 of 2020.

Brands can use OOH’s ‘priming effect’ to replace third-party cookies

Using Out of Home (OOH) media to “prime” consumers can help to mitigate against an advertising effectiveness deficit in the post-cookie era, according to a new study, reported by WARC.

Out of Home media owner JCDecaux and Lumen Research carried out tests on 1,800 UK consumers, with participants divided into three groups.

Group 1 undertook an online task and was then served ads on the independent website based on that activity, as would normally occur with third-party cookie retargeting.

Group 2 watched a street scene including OOH ads and was then served different (i.e. non-targeted) ads on the independent website.

Group 3 watched the same street scene video, and one of the OOH ads was again shown when they were looking at the independent website.

The results

The study found that priming with public media restores both the click-through rate (CTR) and awareness levels.

Without cookie-based targeting, there was a 40% decline in awareness. In Group 1, 39% of participants remembered seeing the ad; in Group 2, that figure fell to 23%.

However, in Group 3, in which the consumers saw the ad in an OOH context before viewing it again online, that awareness figure also reached 39%.

Cookie-based targeting in Group 1 resulted in a CTR of 0.6%. This dropped to 0.3% in the cookie-free experience of Group 2, but reached 0.5% after priming by OOH in Group 3.

The third-party cookie will be with us until 2023, so advertisers have some time yet to experiment with different methods to maintain effectiveness without retargeting capabilities. As OOH digitises and becomes more addressable, there are opportunities for more targeting priming through this channel.

“We look at it as a ‘two-screen future’,” Dallas Wiles, co-chief executive of JCDecaux UK, said, explaining how the company sees the public screen, which he said can be any kind of digital or “classic” OOH site, “working in conjunction with a mobile screen”.

And Finally..

Best of luck to all the finalists ahead of this evening’s Digital Media Awards at the Convention Centre, especially fellow nominees in Best OOH Digital Campaign in which our Liveposter Dynamic campaigns for Bank of Ireland and JUST EAT have been shortlisted.

Via Adword.ie