Colum Harmon, marketing director PML Group with this week’s Out Look on Out of Home.


Every Day’s a School Day on Outdoor

A new research we conducted in partnership with Ipsos has investigated consumer intentions regarding the return of school and colleges in the months ahead.

Kelloggs 6 Sheet

The research suggests that the most popular period for buying supplies for the new school/college year will be the two-week period prior to reopening. The survey of 300 Dubliners aged 16-54, shows that 57% of respondents who will be buying such items will do so in those last few weeks before the restart.

Back to School Buying intentions

Younger respondents are more relaxed about the situation with 74% of 16–24-year-olds waiting until the last minute to stock up on the necessities for the new academic year. Conversely a higher percentage of 35+ year olds are taking a more organised approach and will be doing their shopping early.

An equal percentage of males and females will be buying school or college supplies either for themselves or a child. However, differences exist in when that shopping will take place. Females will be shopping earlier, with 52% doing so more than three weeks in advance. This compares to 33% among males.

When it comes to where purchases will be made, 81% prefer a physical shop, with 19% preferring to make their buys online. Supermarkets are by far the most popular destination for school/college supplies, with 43% intending to buy uniforms, stationery, bags etc..from retailers such as Dunnes Stores and Tesco. 11% will look to department stores such as Arnotts and Marks & Spencer. The online option is most popular among 16-34s, at 25%. The physical shop visit is most popular among the 35+ age group, key decision makers for young children.

We have the location of almost 4,000 schools pinpointed on our MAPS platform, along with more than 4,000 creches. More than 8,000 OOH advertising panels are located within 500 metres of a primary school. Separate research via the Outdoor Consumer Survey, indicates that more than 50% of main shoppers notice OOH advertising while on the school run.

This return to school period will be a key time for so many brands and an opportunity for advertisers to harness OOH’s ability to engage families and key decision makers as they organise themselves for the new term ahead. Outdoor is the ultimate path to purchase medium and uniquely placed to influence these important purchase decisions.