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Bright Projection for Breast Cancer Ireland Very Pink Run

THE newly named Breast Cancer Ireland Very Pink Run has announced the new location of Munster Technological University (MTU) in Cork due to demand from the breast cancer community in the Munster area.

The global event with new title sponsor, Very, has seen 78,000 participants from over 40 countries take part to date.

This year the Breast Cancer Ireland Very Pink Run events are taking place in Dublin, Kilkenny, and a brand-new venue in Cork. Each event will offer a fun, family, festival style day out, with music, games, and children’s entertainment, along with festival style food trucks, ensuring entertainment for all the family -including those participating or simply supporting!

To promote the new event on the Leeside and encourage registrations, dentsu X alongside PML, arranged for LightWalker X Tenvito throughout the city. These mobile light projections make the city their canvas and ran on sites on Grand Parade, Horgan’s Quay, R&A Hall (Cork’s equivalent to Boland’s Mills), Oliver Plunkett Street & MacCurtain Street areas across four nights.

The artwork is the result of a collaboration between Very and Ireland’s leading pop-artist and fashion designer Audrey Hamilton. The unique and eye-catching art installation, commissioned by Very, showcases Audrey’s original artwork entitled “FEMME”, a piece first created by Audrey in 2020, and sold in aid of Breast Cancer Ireland, when a close friend had been diagnosed with breast cancer.

Catherine O’Toole, Head of Marketing, for new sponsor Very “We were delighted to work with dentsu X and PML to bring Irish artist Audrey Hamilton’s beautiful FEMME painting to life in projections across Cork city centre, where the upcoming Breast Cancer Ireland Very Pink Run event will take place in MTU on the 8th October. The story behind this work of art is special, and it’s been wonderful seeing it in public spaces to raise awareness of breast health. With 1 in 9 women developing breast cancer during their lifetime, and 1 in 1000 men, the important work that Breast Cancer Ireland does, touches many people throughout Ireland and their families, and at Very we could not be prouder to support this incredible cause and help us all live longer, happier and healthier lives.”

A large group of well-known faces have already joined this year’s ‘Very Pink Tribe’ including Cork’s own Sinead Kennedy of RTÉ, Elaine Crowley of Virgin Media and Cork Rose, Kate O’Shaughnessy.

The goal of Breast Cancer Ireland is, through research, to transform breast cancer, from often being a fatal disease, to a chronic illness that can be maintained long-term through treatment.

Since 2011, the Breast Cancer Ireland Very Pink Run has raised in excess of €6 million, to support our ongoing research and education programmes nationally.

To participate, register at www.verypinkrun.ie.

Walkers creates world’s biggest-ever ‘cropvert’

Certain Outdoor campaigns often align the medium so well that the medium becomes the message. None have quite embodied that statement like Walker’s UK earlier this month, who transformed the English countryside with agencies VCCP and Splendid Communications.

In a display of innovative creativity and commitment to sustainability, the world’s largest-ever ‘billboard’ was unveiled – a staggering 73,532 square foot ‘cropvert’ etched into the lush fields of Yorkshire.

Tim Rodwell, a Yorkshire potato farmer, collaborated with Walkers to transform approximately 30,000 potato crops into this extraordinary campaign. The process took a week to complete, involving the use of drones for precise marking and hand tools for careful cutting to ensure no harm came to the precious potatoes.

The monumental artwork, apparently visible even from space, surpassed the size of the world’s biggest standing billboard, offering a unique and environmentally conscious approach to Outdoor advertising. The resulting masterpiece proudly proclaims, “Great Taste Starts Here,” accompanied by the iconic outline of a packet of Walkers crisps.

86% Say Special Builds Make Brands Seem Innovative

86% of people agree special OOH builds are an indicator of a brand’s capacity to be innovative, underscoring the role of creative Outdoor installations in showcasing a brand’s commitment to innovation and forward-thinking strategies.

This comes as we revisit our ‘Special Effects’ study, offering a granular view of the impact of special builds on consumer brand perception, social media engagement, noticeability in 2023. Research was conducted among 300 adults in Dublin in conjunction with Ipsos.

In terms of brand perception, 84% of all respondents agree that special builds infuse brands with excitement, a significant leap from 75% in 2021. This resonates more so with younger audiences with 86% of those under 25 noting the same.

When it comes to the relationship between OOH and social media, 67% of those under 25s note their inclination to share captivating images of special builds online. This marks a substantial increase from 44% previously, echoing recent trends on Outdoor highlighted by 4T and the Point of Search. This continues to show how Outdoor transcends virtual boundaries by driving IRL to URL, amplifying brand visibility to foster a community of brand advocates on a multichannel level.

In our most recent Media Impact data we noted that which formats were noticed the most by respondents, with bus formats coming out on top at over 80%.  When it comes to special builds, respondents marked their noticeability as 85% more than that of conventional Outdoor, attesting to their enhanced noticeability compared to standard poster ad. This is seen more so in the female audience, with 88% acknowledging this noticeability.

In a new avenue of questioning, our 2023 research investigated the effect of special builds on the consumer’s daily journey. 81% noted they add an element of visual delight to their day, brightening up their commutes.

These insights underscore the multifaceted influence of special builds in terms of their impact and appeal compared with standard OOH installations. As noted in Touchpoints, we are committed to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible on Outdoor, ensuring our streets continue to blossom as a vibrant canvas of innovative OOH experiences for brands and consumers alike.

For an in-depth exploration of the Special Effects study and to embark on a journey of OOH innovation, connect with us at info@pmlgroup.ie.