Aaron Poole, marketing executive, PML Group with this week’s Out \ Look on Out of Home

Close Encounters of a Disney+ Kind

In 2023 Disney+ leveraged the ‘difference of being different’ on Outdoor, realising the big, iconic & powerful storytelling prowess that it can deliver by way of custom and special builds.

The entertainment giant has recently refreshed its “Think you know Disney+?” campaign for 2024, encouraging service users to explore beyond the classic Disney content by reminding service users that there’s more to explore beyond animation and superheroes.

Planned by Zenith and Source out home, the campaign’s latest presentation comes in the form a large, wide-reaching highlighting an eclectic mix of new content like The Bear, Shogun, Poor Things, and Alien Covenant.

Featuring creative from BBDO, it has been live across Digital Bridges, dX Screens, Certa Screens, classic/digital 48 Sheets & 6s, and the large screen at Dublin’s Camden corner since the beginning of cycle 7.

“We are delighted to work with Disney+ and PML Group on this campaign, says Shane Costello, client director at Zenith, “In a fragmented media landscape, Outdoor continues to be a key brand building channel for Disney+. For this campaign, we used a mix of classic formats with more modern Digital screens to grab attention of key audience segments.”

The centrepiece of the campaign comes via a special build backlit 96 sheet located at Dublin’s East Wall Road. Featuring the titular Alien of Ridley Scott fame erupting from the billboard and greeting drivers as they make their way past Point Village towards Dublin’s motorway.

“Our showpiece format is our 2D special build,” continues Costello, “The purpose of this is to grab attention and be distinctive against growing competition to drive the message that if you think you know Disney+, you only know half the story of all the great content on the platform.”

Specials are a fun, innovative, and effective means of generating brand recall. Our Special Effects study highlights the hugely positive impact that specials have in terms of noticeability, brand perception, and activation. Three quarters of people believe specials make a brand seem exciting while 84% agree that specials are more noticeable than standard poster ads.

We have an almost infinite palette with which to paint our cities and local communities. We are in the business of attention; and so, we must adopt new ways of achieving this whilst also embracing more traditional methods. Creative techniques, unusual formats, and surprising avenues to attention are demonstrably being explored and deployed to bring brands to our streets in exciting and fun ways.

JCDecaux launch new Tesco Digiscreen Format

JCDecaux have this week launched their new DOOH network located at Tesco stores across Ireland.

The 75″ screens are located at entrances to key Tesco stores nationwide – 83 in total across 21 counties – and will expand to reach more than one million shoppers per week.

The panels, which went live this past Monday, have already been showcasing PML Group campaigns to relevant consumers this cycle near the point of purchase. These include Diageo’s Guinness 0.0 & Nitrosurge and Pladis’ McVities True Originals, all planned by PHD and Source out of home.

The new screens make use of the supermarket’s Media and Insight platform with Club Card data powered by dunnhumby, ensuring market intelligence is driving complex and targeted ad scheduling and providing shopping behaviour and sales data down to individual store level.

“Adding the much sought after Tesco contract to the JCDecaux portfolio in Ireland is a major milestone for our company,” notes Pat Mannion, commercial director at JCDecaux Ireland, “Working in partnership with Tesco and utilising dunnhumby data-driven optimisation, JCDecaux will bring a whole new era of access to a large and identifiable audience at the most relevant point in the journey to purchase.”

Panels are now available to book either as pick or mix campaigns. For more information, contact us at info@pmlgroup.ie.

KFC Canada Eclipses Attention with Reactive DOOH

In anticipation of this week’s eclipse, KFC shone creatively with its reactive DOOH activation in Ontario. Leveraging the iconic Colonel’s bucket to mimic the celestial event, the campaign displayed the bucket top-down – partially shadowed to resemble an eclipse – with the rim lit up like the sun’s corona.

Created by agency Courage Inc, the campaign captured the attention of eclipse watchers around Niagara Falls – the first North American city to be darkened by the phenomenon.  Strategically positioned digital billboards featured the imagery, captivating local consumers but also sparking interest globally, underscoring the flexible power of reactive OOH for responding to cultural moments.

via IMJ Adworld