Pepsi has officially launched its striking new brand identity in Ireland, marking a significant milestone for the beverage giant. At a time where brands are constantly vying for consumer attention, Pepsi has marked their launch on the most effective attention medium, with a comprehensive Out of Home campaign across Ireland.

This refresh marks Pepsi’s first global redesign in fourteen years, introducing a refreshed logo and brand platform that pays homage to its rich heritage. The new visual identity blends historical elements with a contemporary, electrifying blue and black colour scheme, anchored by the signature PEPSI Pulse – a symbol of the brand’s dynamic and forward-thinking ethos.

This transformative campaign, planned by OMD and Source out of home with creative from EG+ Worldwide and Grand Visual, is running across the gamut of wide-reaching, high-impact formats including 240 Sheets, classic/digital 48 Sheets, T-Sides, Metro/Digipoles, DXScreens, Transvisions, The Green Screen, Digital Bridges, Digital Golden Squares, and a mix of classic and digital 6’s in retail and roadside environments.

Adding a layer of innovation, special lenticular bus shelters have been introduced in strategic locations across Dublin and Cork. These feature animated posters that evolve as viewers move past them, creating an immersive and interactive brand experience that captures the essence of Pepsi’s brand refresh.

Additionally, in a move to reach a diverse audience of brand loyalists and casual consumers alike, Pepsi have been taking over iconic landmarks across the globe. As part of this Dublin’s Convention Centre was recently enveloped in an unmissable digital projection and lighting special, featuring a menagerie of animations that garnered the attention of onlookers at it lit up the night sky.

The strategic use of Out of Home plays a critical role in building mental availability and consumer trust. The Pepsi brand refresh campaign is no exception, leveraging the unique capabilities of OOH to generate excitement, foster brand recognition, and ultimately, drive consumer engagement in a crowded marketplace.

“Launching Pepsi’s new brand identity in Ireland was an opportunity to showcase the power of Out of Home as an attention medium,” says Keith Farrell, senior client manager at Source out of home, “By blending innovative formats with strategic placements, we’ve ignited conversations and connected with Pepsi’s consumers on a huge scale. Our efforts with Pepsi, OMD, and our creative partners highlight the tangible impact of well-executed OOH in today’s fast-paced media environment.”