Out of Home is playing a key role in the launch of Samsung’s Galaxy Watch4 Series in Ireland. Integral to the campaign for the new device is a Dynamic Outdoor activation. The tech giant has engaged PML Group’s Liveposter platform to integrate Google distance data into its Digital Out of Home campaign to create dynamic content and scheduling across multiple formats. These formats include Digital Golden Squares, Digital Bridges, Digipoles, DX Screens, Mall dPods and Adhsel Live, serving multiple retail and roadside environments across main cities. The creative incorporates the approximate number of steps to the nearest exercise zones, such as Ballawley Park, Stephens Green and Sean Walsh Park. This adds another layer of relevance to each specific location and further encourages a healthy lifestyle, made all the more easy with the new, exciting features of the Samsung Galaxy Watch4 Series.

Smartwatches have evolved into a powerful tool that help us stay on track with our fitness goals and help to improve overall wellbeing and Samsung have set a new standard for the category, with the goal of empowering people to live healthier each day. Out of Home is the ideal medium to engage this mindset as people move about our towns and cities and engage in exercise outdoors.

Graham Clarke, Client Director, Starcom

“To help launch and communicate the benefits of Samsung’s latest wearables, the Galaxy Watch4 and Watch4 Classic, we’re running an OOH plan which incorporates both traditional and digital formats. The DOOH formats allow us to utilise data driven dynamic messaging, this messaging strategy will improve the local relevance and overall effectiveness of our campaign. The DOOH will dynamically pull in locations, like St. Stephens Green or Phoenix Park, as well as the number of steps you will need to take to reach that location, to help motivate and encourage everyday wellness.”

Keith Farrell, Account Manager, Source out of home commented

“Out of Home is the perfect medium to launch a new product as it can build awareness quickly with high impact formats. In this case the addition of dynamic content has enabled Samsung to make its advertising even more relevant and reflect some of the product’s key characteristics.”

The campaign was planned by Source out of home and Starcom, with creative by Cheil Worldwide.