Solar Billboard First Lights Up Irish Life Outdoor

Irish Life is using an innovative method to drive awareness of the brand’s responsible pension offering and the difference pension customers could be making for the planet. The Republic of Ireland’s first solar powered billboard is part of a wider multimedia campaign “designed to make consumers aware that their pension can have one of the biggest positive impacts on the planet”, according to Thomas Brady, Senior Manager, Marketing Customer & Brand Team, Irish Life. He goes on to say that “we all want to do more for the environment.  Now you can with your pension. It’s been an exciting project with PML Group and Zenith to create Irelands first solar powered Outdoor special and I hope to see many more in the near future”.

Irish Life Solar Billboard

Solar panels on the billboard power 120 LED bulbs plus two low energy LED spotlights. A photocell ensures the lights only when go when appropriate. The 48 Sheet is in Rathgar in Dublin 6.