Colum Harmon, marketing director, PML Group with this week’s Out \ Look on Out of Home. 


Summer’s here and the outlook for Outdoor is bright following a busy H1.

School’s out for summer and cycle 14 in the Outdoor media world certainly reflects the more relaxed and fun vibe of this time of year.  The soft drink sector has been busy in 2023, with a 29% uplift in display values for the first half of the year. The trend has continued into H2 with campaigns for 7UP Free, Pepsi Max, Coca Cola and Lucozade all on display this week.

Following a difficult few years, the film sector is growing again on OOH, with an 11% increase in display value for H1 2023. The mix of blockbusters and family-orientated releases makes summer a peak period for the sector and in cycle 14 campaigns for Disney’s Elemental, Indiana Jones, Mission Impossible, Oppenheimer and Barbie are all active across a mix of roadside, digital and transport formats, once again underlining OOH’s ability to drive interest and footfall in the cinema.

Summer is, of course, prime time for the country’s biggest and best visitor attractions and what better way to engage both the domestic and tourist market than via the medium they encounter while out and about, exploring our towns and cities. EPIC, the Irish emigration museum, and Guinness Storehouse are two such attractions and both are incorporating highly visible, impactful Dublin city mobile transport formats into their summer marketing plan.

We’re all still getting used to the more condensed GAA championship season and in mid-July we are right at the business end of this year’s schedule. Perfect time for AIB to reinforce its GAA association with a powerful and poignant message across large format billboards, bus shelters and digital retail and commuter panels. The campaign is an example of that strong connection between the OOH medium, event-based messaging and location marketing, that resonates with local and national audiences.

Summer wouldn’t be summer without a cool treat and a McFlurry is an ever-popular choice. This summer, or at least until August 1st, ice cream afficionados can indulge in the new Lotus Biscoff flavour from McDonald’s. OOH is a visual medium and attractive creative certainly adds appetite appeal. Definitely one to be sampled before it’s too late!

The QSR (Quick Service Restaurant) category in general has grown by 32% compared to H1 2022 and accounts for 6.4% of the OOH market this year. Retail continues to lead the way in terms of categories, with a 12% SOV, followed by Beers (8.6%) and Food, at 8.4%. Seven of the top ten categories have increased their OOH investment in 2023, at an average of +38%.

PML Group’s WATCH figures for the OOH market, based on 100% monitoring of the medium each cycle, shows that Diageo remain top advertiser in H1 2023, followed by McDonald’s and Mondeléz. Advertisers that have increased investment heavily in OOH this year also include Heineken Ireland, ESB and Premier Lotteries Ireland.

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85% of Consumers Support Pivoting Brands

The pace of change in the commercial landscape continues to accelerate, making the understanding of consumer behaviour a critical factor for brand success. With consumers spoilt for choice when it comes to respective markets, how do they respond when brands they trust cross boundaries and venture into new spaces? Is it the reliability, the curiosity of innovation, or simply the comfort of a known name in unknown territory that holds their interest?

To answer these questions, we delved into these consumer attitudes as part of our Media Impact Study, surveying 300 participants aged between 16 and 54.

Consumers were drawn to the reputation of a brand, with 85% marking it as a compelling reason to try new offerings. The research results showcased interesting demographic dynamics: the 16-24 age group stood out as the most receptive to brands’ foray into new territories, with a remarkable 91% affirming they would experiment with fresh offerings if they’ve proven reliable in the past. Older consumers aged 45-54 weren’t far behind, with 85% also indicating a similar willingness.

What propels this acceptance of brand boundary-crossing? Our findings revealed that brand trust was paramount. 72% of respondents noted they would use/buy a new product or service from a trusted brand, regardless of what the brand was initially known for. This was most pronounced among female respondents at 78%, rising to 84% in the 25-34 age bracket. Adults 45-54 again responded strongly at 75%.

Demonstrating a strong inclination towards innovation, 75% of males noted they are interested when they see brands branch into new product and service areas. This rises to 79% of all respondents, peaking once again in the 16-24 bracket at 87%.

These survey results depict a dynamic consumer landscape in Ireland. The younger demographic demonstrates readiness to embrace change, influenced by a mix of brand trust, reputation, and the appeal of innovation. Yet, the importance placed on familiarity and convenience among certain demographics signifies a crucial balancing act for brands: to innovate while maintaining their core identity when entering new sectors.

For new product launches, Outdoor has proven to be a strong medium in consumer discovery of new brands. OOH interacts with consumers as they live, work and play. At multiple touchpoints throughout the day, consumers are exposed to various OOH platforms – commuting, shopping, socialising and working. Our previous iQ results noted that 65% of all adults noted Out of Home as helping them discover a new brand, rising to 79% of AB males and 70% of parents.

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Festival Fever

While the Irish Summer continues assert its indecisive position on what the weather forecast should be, the events landscape has firmly rooted the public in the Summer mindset. Festivals and concerts have taken the country by storm, with each week offering a plethora of choice when it comes to Summer activity. This weekend is no exception, as Forever Young takes place at Palmerstown House Estate in Johnstown, Kildare.

Now in its third year, the retro festival sports a lineup that could masquerade as Electric Picnic in the 1980s. From the spry post-punk of Squeeze to Bananarama’s pioneering girl pop and Erasure’s synths, the festival is a throwback for those not fussed with the signature autotune and trap beats populating much of current festival headliners.

The festival had been running on Outdoor in the leadup to this weekend. Planned by Source out of home, the signature ‘badge’ lineup could be seen on display across a mixture of digital 6’s and transit formats throughout cycles 10 and 11.

When it comes to event-based marketing, Out of Home can adapt to meet a brand’s needs. Recent iQ research conducted with Ipsos revealed that 56% of Dubliners will attend a concert or festival planned for this year. This increases among younger audience groups with 65% of 16-24 year olds and 72% of full-time students noting their concert-going intentions for the summer.

There is a vibrancy in what is going on in the great outdoors over the next few months. From sporting and retail to cultural events, OOH is the perfect medium to reach these large audiences on the move at the right place and at the right time as they live, work and play.

To find out more read our events guide HERE.