The Social Distancing Billboard

ITALY: After almost 60 days of quarantine, Italians were preparing themselves for the long-awaited Phase 2 starting May 4th, in which they could leave their houses and move with greater freedom. With social distance being one of the key requirements for being able to fight the pandemic, the population are all required to keep a distance from family, friends, relatives, colleagues, and more generally, from other people.

FinecoBank supported this message by inviting Italians to maintain these measures to protect themselves and others. It is the first digital display campaign (DOOH) that is readable only from more than one meter thanks to an optical illusion effect. The creative idea from McCann delivered a single, frank and straight to the point message, ‘MAINTAIN ONE METER APART. INVEST IN YOUR SAFETY,’ to convey the message that security is the most valuable investment right now.