The future is electric…

Citroen recently showcased their special build on Dublin’s Usher’s Quay, marking its now award-winning ‘Power of One’ show garden at Bord Bia Bloom festival. The innovative OOH installation was constructed to drive engagement for the festival, spark intrigue, and promote Citroen’s commitment to environmental sustainability.

Planned by PML and EssenceMediacom, the mini replica of the ‘Power of One’ show garden was a bold illustration of Citroen’s philosophy: individual choices, including the selection of an environmentally-friendly vehicle, can significantly contribute to environmental preservation.

“Our ‘Power of One’ show garden at Bord Bia Bloom and the special build on Usher’s Quay embodies our belief that individual actions can make a massive difference,” shares Trevor Hunt, Head of Marketing for Citroen in Ireland.

The ‘Power of One’ concept extends to Citroen’s commitment to sustainable car manufacturing. The newly launched Citroen E-C4 X contains 135Kg of recycled materials and is produced using 30% solar power, setting an example for the industry.

Our Special Effects study underlines the significant impact of special builds on brand perception, noticeability, and activation.  Citroen’s special build at Usher’s Quay proved to be a frontline statement in their campaign for environmental messaging in an unmissable way in Dublin.

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