Timing: September 2020

Formats: Digipoles, Digipanels, iVisions and Digital Golden Square

Client: Just-Eat

Specialist: PML

Just Eat, Ireland’s leading digital marketplace for online food ordering and delivery, has launched a new campaign on Out of Home (OOH) that is segmented across both classic and digital formats. This follows their recent brand refresh, which will see the brand further align with the identity of its new global group, Just Eat Takeaway.com.

Prompting audiences to order online through the app, entertainment icon Snoop Dogg, who also stars in Just Eat’s latest TVC, spearheads the classic OOH campaign that hosts the overarching and humorous tagline ‘Get Food Delivery like a G’. The DOOH element of the campaign incorporates dynamic scheduling and content that adapts the creative to entice audiences at key occasions throughout the week, reminding users the delivery service is more than just a weekend treat.

A variety of data triggers and conditions were ingested into our Liveposter platform to produce a multitude of digital copy lines to help drive sales at key times for the food delivery app.  The intricate campaign incorporates day part, time of the week and weather triggers to generate the creative executions.  One hundred and sixty individual designs will be delivered across four digital OOH formats.

Multiple tailored copy is triggered based on whether it’s raining or sunny. A temperature sensitive trigger is also incorporated with the creative changing when the mercury hits 15 degrees and above with live temperature copy displaying. Specific creative will display based on the time of day with creative encompassing lunch and dinner time. While bespoke taglines will change to show the day of the week also.

These dynamic triggers and copy will rotate based on the conditions most relevant at the time.

The creative executions include taglines such as; ‘Sun’s Out, Buns Out’, ‘Lunch Like a Boss’, ‘Rain or Shine it’s Takeaway Time’ and ‘Mondays are for Takeaways.’

Planned by teams in UM and PML, in collaboration with the creative team at Just Eat, the dynamic campaign is live across key audience touchpoints in roadside and retail environments, displaying on Digipoles, Digipanels, iVisions and the Digital Golden Square on Cuffe Street. The digital screen located at the Swan Centre in Rathmines hosts the day of the week creative.

These Dynamic applications complement the large classic OOH campaign that is running concurrently. Formats include 240 Sheet, 96 Sheet, Golden Squares, Bus Shelter 6 Sheets and T-Sides targeting Dublin and other main cities nationwide.

Keith Brennan, account manager in PML commented; “We were delighted to collaborate with Just Eat to bring this multi-content campaign to the streets of Ireland. This is a great example of tailoring creative to tactically layer campaigns to make them more relevant to consumers.  Encouraging action based on relevant factors such as weather and day of the week reminds audiences Just Eat isn’t just a traditional weekend takeaway treat but appropriate for all food delivery occasions.”