Timing: March 2021

Formats: Retail Digital, Pulse and Adshel Live

Client: Belfast Telegraph

Media: Genesis

Specialist: PML NI

21st March was an important day across the UK, as the 2021 Census took place. The Census gives the most accurate information about individuals and households across the UK. In addition, the responses help decide how services are planned and funded, including housing and new bus routes.

Participation in the Census is required by law, and responses can be submitted online for the first time in history. To raise awareness of the 2021 Census, and encourage household responses, the Northern Ireland Statistics and Research Agency (NISRA) delivered a multi-format Outdoor advertising campaign, which included Dynamic elements.

Speaking about the campaign, Clare Ferris, Account Manager, PML said: “Planning this Outdoor advertising campaign to reach audiences during a pandemic required some new approaches. We used data from our Now Near Next series to identify the changes to audience behaviour, and the advertising format selection reflected this. Furthermore, research from The Moments of Truth showed there are increased ad metrics when Dynamic content is added to campaigns, so we incorporated location call outs to Digital formats to increase engagement and awareness. Screens were located in roadside and retail environments, which still deliver significant audience flow. Billboards and bus stop 6 Sheet advertising displays were also used, adding audience coverage.

“High impact formats, such as the M3 Banner were also used to build awareness, while the A3 Bespoke Network placed the campaign in community pharmacies, and Phone Kiosks were used to penetrate residential areas.”

Wendy McWilliams, Media Director, Genesis added: “Out of Home enabled us to reach audiences right across Northern Ireland in the weeks around the March census date, highlighting the services which rely on data gathered by the survey.

“A key strategic objective of the 2021 Census was to maximise overall response rates and minimise the differences in responses in specific areas and population groups. Working with the client, we identified these areas and using the PML Pinpoint mapping tool were able to highlight OOH formats in proximity, adding further layers of targeting to the campaign.”