• Chart showcasing what people are looking forward to after lockdown for Covid-19

Eating out with family and friends is the activity Dubliners are looking forward to most when restrictions on movements are relaxed and shops and hospitality can be accessed again. The headline finding is from our new research as part of our Now, Near, Next thought leadership series.

72% of the 300 Dublin respondents cited dining out as an activity they were looking forward to, with travel abroad the next most longed for pursuit. The restaurant experience is a more popular choice among females and those in the 25-34 age group, according to the study conducted by IpsosMRBI on behalf of the location marketing agency. Outdoor entertainment such as festivals and markets are something half the respondents are looking forward to engaging in again and this figure was matched by indoor entertainment such as pub and cinema-going. 57% of 35-44 year olds are keenly anticipating the pub experience again. Single people also index highly for eating out and other forms of entertainment.

Partaking once again in sport and exercise is most popular among younger males and SuperValu customers are also looking forward to getting back on the pitch, while the chance to indulge in hair and beauty treatments resonates most with females aged 45-54.

Now, Near, Next is a collection of thought leadership pieces, research studies and insights from PML Group in response to Covid-19, to help ensure brands can communicate and engage with their customers most effectively now, in the near future and in the more distant future.

According to Colum Harmon, marketing director, PML Group: “From the research it’s clear that people are missing everyday interactions and the piece points to some key strategic markers in terms of planning around location and creative messaging in the medium to long term. Context will be king and we are committed to providing guidance and clarity to our clients as they prepare their future plans for OOH at present. Now, Near, Next is one of the ways we are doing this”.

Via: Adworld