Disney’s ‘Elemental’ Billboard Makes a Splash in Brooklyn

Brooklyn, USA:

While Pixar’s latest animated gem ‘Elemental’ debuts in Irish cinemas today, it’s interesting to look back at the fiery storm it stirred in the US ahead of their mid-June release. In the eye of this storm was an innovative special build ‘Bulletin’ billboard from Outdoor agency Red Rock, taking an ordinary streetscape and transforming it into a scene from the film.

In ‘Elemental’, anthropomorphic elements Ember Lumen and Wade Ripple fall in love despite their conflicting natures of fire and water. Bringing this tale to life in Brooklyn, New York, the special build billboard showcased Wade impressing Ember by ‘riding’ a wave emanating from a broken fire hydrant below. The fire hydrant’s real-life Brooklyn location beneath the billboard was wrapped by a large, stylised version that extended towards the billboard, bridged by ‘water’ surging upwards, even extending outward to break past the Bulletin’s frame.

Our Special effects research shows that 84% of consumers find special builds more noticeable, and 75% think they make brands seem more exciting. The ‘Elemental’ billboard successfully rides this wave, bridging the real world and the world of fantasy, providing a vibrant spectacle amidst an urban landscape.

By incorporating elements that lean into the area’s surroundings, Red Rock’s build sparks a connection that amplifies brand recall and fame.