Falling from the sky

Antwerp, Belgium:

In Antwerp, Belgium, it’s tennis mania as the European Open tennis tournament is set to take place at Antwerp’s Lotto Stadium from next week.

To promote the event, both the stadium and the European Open’s governing body have decided to take a unique Out of Home approach, taking the form of 5 special b̶a̶l̶l̶s̶ builds around the city.

The installations themselves are giant tennis balls that have ‘ fallen’ from the sky, embedding themselves in the ground leaving craters where they lie. Bearing the Stad Antwerpen logo and large print displaying the tournament’s dates, the tennis balls have cleverly emulated meteors having impacted the Belgian ground. One can even be seen floating on the banks of the Schelde river running through the city. Both the European Open and Visit Antwerp social media accounts have been quick to publicise the installation in recent days, making merry of them in comic fashion:

In our most recent Special Effects research published last month, we noted that 86% Say Special Builds Make Brands Seem Innovative while 78% talk more about brands who employ the use of special builds. This is critical for generating mental availability around events and key occasions – something OOH has been recognised as being the most effective medium for.