Walkers creates world’s biggest-ever ‘cropvert’

Yorkshire, UK:

Certain Outdoor campaigns often align the medium so well that the medium becomes the message. None have quite embodied that statement like Walker’s UK earlier this month, who transformed the English countryside with agencies VCCP and Splendid Communications.

In a display of innovative creativity and commitment to sustainability, the world’s largest-ever ‘billboard’ was unveiled – a staggering 73,532 square foot ‘cropvert’ etched into the lush fields of Yorkshire.

Tim Rodwell, a Yorkshire potato farmer, collaborated with Walkers to transform approximately 30,000 potato crops into this extraordinary campaign. The process took a week to complete, involving the use of drones for precise marking and hand tools for careful cutting to ensure no harm came to the precious potatoes.

The monumental artwork, apparently visible even from space, surpassed the size of the world’s biggest standing billboard, offering a unique and environmentally conscious approach to Outdoor advertising. The resulting masterpiece proudly proclaims, “Great Taste Starts Here,” accompanied by the iconic outline of a packet of Walkers crisps.