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IKEA Promotes an Eco-Friendly Everyday

IKEA kicked off the New Year with a new campaign that celebrated the little things people can do to become eco-friendlier.

The OOH ads featured products that can help consumers reduce their environmental impact.  48 Sheets, 6 Sheets, Digipanels and Digishelters showcased the IKEA products which aimed to bring to life the small acts that make a big difference and promoted the retailer’s sustainability credentials. Refillable bottles, homegrown herbs and energy-saving LED lights were juxtaposed against epic scenes of the natural world.

The ‘Fortune Favours the Frugal’ campaign is all about taking away the negative connotations of the word “frugal” and highlighting the benefits of being thrifty and sustainable.

Kemi Anthony, marketing communications manager at Ikea, said: “‘Fortune favours the frugal’ encapsulates Ikea’s commitment to continue to adapt the business and inspire people to think differently about the benefits of living a life of moderation over a life of excess. Small acts now will make a huge difference in years to come.”

In a recent wave of our iQ research, we explored consumers attitudes to the environment and expectations of brands in their marketing and advertising in this context. 84% of respondents expect companies to clearly explain the environmental benefits of their products in their advertising. While 64% are more likely to purchase environmentally friendly products and services.

Media: Vizeum – Creative: Mother London- OOH Specialist: PML