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Lottery takes Multi-Sensory OOH campaign to the streets

  • Keith Farrell (Source OOH), Chris Collins (JCDecaux), Pat Cassidy (PML Group), Laura Redden (Rothco), Conor McCooey (Starcom)

National Lottery’s Millionaire Raffle is back with one guaranteed millionaire this New Year’s Eve!

To build excitement and encourage participation, the Lottery has undertaken several impactful and innovative OOH specials, encompassing sound, illumination and dynamic content across multiple formats and environments.

A centrepiece of the campaign is a domination of Connolly train station, consisting of branding on the glass entrance, ticket barriers and escalators. The focal point of the domination is the branded vinyl walls in the station tunnel – which also surprises commuters as it plays the very familiar and catchy ‘I’m a millionaire’ lottery tune as they make their way in and out of the busy platform area.

The overall campaign went live at the beginning of December on panels including 48 Sheets, 6 Sheets and T-Sides. One of these was a 48 Sheet special build in Ranelagh comprising a lightbox, which illuminated and gave prominence to the Millionaire Raffle text and twinkling Christmas lights added a festive feel to the billboard.

Over the coming Christmas week, a Dynamic Digital OOH campaign for the raffle using PML Group’s Liverposter platform will also run. This encompasses a live countdown clock, which ticks down to New Year’s Eve when the winning tickets are drawn.

Teams in Starcom, Rothco and Source out of home developed and planned the campaign.

Keith Farrell, Account Manager in Source out of home spoke on the campaign;

“Using an array of OOH formats and principles, the National Lottery is making a big impression with its 48 Sheet special and station domination, building coverage through classic formats and engaging audiences with tailored content on digital screens allows us to create a truly memorable campaign across the entire OOH spectrum. All underpinned by classic Out of Home formats – a great example of sophisticated mass marketing in the OOH space.”

Via: Adworld