Out With is our online series that delves into the Outdoor lives of some of the country’s best known media and marketing professionals. This month, we hear from Steven Roberts,Head of Marketing, Griffith College.

1. Favourite thing to do outdoors

I’m a fan of jogging. I find it really clears my head and it’s a great excuse to get outdoors. I try to get a run in at least once or twice a week; there are some nice routes near where I live.

2. Favourite place to shop – Shopping Centre/City Centre

I have to admit I’m not a great shopper! The quicker I can finish my shopping list the better. That said, I make an exception for bookstores, so if I’m in town I’ll always try and stop by the Gutter Bookstore.

3. Favourite location for a weekend walk

We’re fortunate to live close to Castletown, which has great open spaces for a long walk, a jog, or just a nice cup of coffee in the café there. Our kids love it too.

4. Favourite pub for a cosy drink

The Stag’s Head, or upstairs in Sheehans.

5. Favourite park to visit

Phoenix Park is always a great spot.

6.  Your Hidden Gem

The Cliff House Hotel in Waterford. Great location overlooking the sea, amazing food, and you can run off the calories on the local beach nearby the next morning!

7. Favourite roadtrip to take 

From west coast to east across the US. I took the trip years ago with friends of mine and it was so memorable. A close second would be the drive from Vancouver to Banff in the Rocky Mountains.

8. Favourite OOH site/location

The transvision billboard at Heuston Station is a great location with high footfall. It featured in our most recent campaign this autumn and it really created a strong impact with the creative provided by our agency Thinkhouse. Commuters are a big part of our target audience so this site really allows us to target them effectively.

9.  Favourite sports venue

Croke Park, it has such a rich history. My dad is from Kilkenny so I have great memories of travelling to Croke Park every summer for the All Ireland.

10. Favourite Irish beach

Brittas Bay. I’m from Wicklow!

11.  Favourite location for some inspiration

The Wicklow Mountains. I grew up close by and its one of the most scenic parts of Ireland. Walking in the great outdoors is a super way to get inspired.

12. Favourite mode of transport 

My favourite would be train travel; it can be great to watch the world go by, and it’s always a good option for business travel if you need to get some work done on the way.

13. All-time favourite OOH campaign

I like clever uses of outdoor that really make the most of the format. Kit Kat’s ‘Have a Break’ billboard, left half-complete with a ladder beside it always makes me smile.