Time travelling through OOH posters rewards McDonald’s consumers


Combating inflation is a present top-of-mind concern. Not wanting to deprive the public of more hard-earned money than needs be, McDonald’s Sweden have come up with the most extraordinary way to aid consumers in cutting on costs through innovative OOH: time travel.

…wait, what?

Planned with Nord DDB, McDonald’s Sweden’s newest campaign offers people a way to travel back in time to find older deals not impacted by inflation.

By capitalising on the most recent update to Google’s Street view platform, which allows users to revisit geo-locations throughout history, the fast-food brand have cleverly gone back through the books to figure out when and where promotional ads featuring lower deal prices were featured on OOH panels.

Dating as far back as 2009, these ‘deals stuck in time’ locations are marked in the present day by new Out of Home ads running in those same locations, effectively acting as ‘time portals’ to better deals than can be found currently. The ‘time travelers’ who locate these deals from the past can then bring the deal back to the present via McDonald’s site for the campaign and apply it in the McDonald’s app.