NIKE’s Dazzling 3D Billboard Takes Tokyo by Storm


In the bustling district of Shinjuku City, Tokyo, Nike has unveiled an innovative and captivating anamorphic 3D billboard highlighting the brand’s latest Air Force 1 collection, merging the physical world with the digital realm using #NFTs.

Running until May 8, the campaign is not only a celebration of the iconic shoe model but also a ground-breaking collaboration with Japanese artist Takashi Murakami. The collection boasts a range of colours and styles, as well as limited-edition versions designed by Murakami himself. As stated in NIKE’s press release, this campaign is all about “merging digital and physical worlds,” by pairing each physical sneaker with a digital equivalent.

The #anamorphic billboard showcases the limited-edition sneakers in a dynamic display, cycling through various environments that highlight the shoe’s design before transforming into its NFT version. This futuristic Out of Home advertising campaign not only captivates the audience with its impressive visuals but also invites them to participate in the Forging event. A QR code opens and closes the loop, allowing passers-by to dive straight into the digital realm of the Air Force 1 collection without missing a beat.

Out of Home advertising continues to evolve and push the boundaries of what’s possible. In an age of increasing digitisation, advertisers must stay ahead of the curve and embrace innovative approaches to maintain the attention of their audience. NIKE’s anamorphic 3D billboard is a testament to the potential of Out of Home advertising to create memorable, engaging, and interactive experiences for consumers, paving the way for more ground-breaking campaigns in the future.