Out With is our online series that delves into the Outdoor lives of some of the country’s best known media and marketing professionals. This month, we hear from Zenith’s Deputy MD, Declan Kelly.

1. Favourite thing to do outdoors

Easy. Bringing the dog for a walk, off the leash, crushing those 10,000 steps (20,000 for Chico)

2. Favourite place to shop – Shopping Centre/City Centre

I’m not a natural born shopper, I find it all a bit of a slog. For that reason, my current ‘favourite’ place to shop is The Park, Carrickmines. Easy to get in and out of, no multi level floors to navigate, no parking hassles, and you can pick up 79% of all known objects of desire within 100 meters of your car.

3. Favourite location for a weekend walk

Glendalough. Epic long walk there called the Spinc. It’s a 3 hour job, do it.

4. Favourite pub for a cosy drink

They do a grand pint in O’Neill’s on Pearse Street. If I’m in the area, I’ll pop in for one. It’s handy too as it’s close to work 😊

5. Favourite park to visit

Phoenix Park is a classic and I always enjoy a spin there. Always loads to see and do from a trip to The Zoo, Farmleigh House and giving a wave to the President. Closer to home & on my doorstep is Shanganagh Park in Shankill. Great spot for a walk, a scoot, a cycle or a jog. Always loads of sports on in there, so you can find yourself watching anything from Cricket to Soccerball and Hurling.

6.  Your Hidden Gem

My Hidden Gem is Newgrange. It literally was hidden for yonks before it was discovered a few hundred years ago. It’s older than the Pyramids and Stonehenge and it’s about an hours drive away. Great tour, the whole place blew my mind. Leave the kids at home to enjoy it properly.

7. Favourite roadtrip to take 

Into the West!! Heading for the Aran Islands. There is something great about crossing the Shannon, tunes blasting, swinging by O’Gradys on the Pier, Barna, for a belly full of seafood, washed down with creamy pint before hitting the ferry to the island. I’m going, who’s with me??

8. Favourite OOH site/location

The Golden Square on Usher’s Quay. It slowly reveals itself as you come down the quays, then dominates the skyline and the whole stretch of road. It captures all that traffic coming from the city centre heading out west. I get a great buzz anytime I see one of our clients on this site more than any other site.

9.  Favourite sports venue

Croke Park. A unique and special place with an atmosphere like no other.

10. Favourite Irish beach

Wexford has tons, but I particularly liked Carne beach. Do the beach thing, then head to The Lobster Pot, for something tasty to consume. Irish summer holidays at their finest!

11.  Favourite location for some inspiration

I get inspiration from watching people. The Ploughing Championship is superb for this. Everyone should go. Day 1 was always very inspiring, day 3 not so much.

12. Favourite mode of transport 

I’m not a petrol head, but it has to be my car. It’s a sitting room on wheels and it goes where I point it.

13. All-time favourite OOH campaign

The Bulmers Northcider/Southcider bridge is my all time favourite. Genius.