James Byrne, marketing manager, PML Group with this week’s Out \ Look on Out of Home


PhoneWatch Locks in OOH in Nationwide Campaign

Life is unpredictable…don’t be alarmed. PhoneWatch, Ireland’s leading house alarm system has locked in various OOH formats nationwide including billboards, Bus Shelters, Adshel Live – both roadside and retail along with centrepiece 240 Sheets in Ranelagh & Terenure. The 24/7 campaign was planned by Zenith and PML.

Creative by F&B Huskies incorporates location specific county callouts with latest CSO burglary stats garnering attention through contextual relevance.

Marguerite Cotter, Commercial Marketing Director comments;

“Operating in a relatively low consideration category, PhoneWatch needed to identify media formats that would deliver a disruptive impact. OOH has always worked well for us but we needed to bring it to the next level. The enhanced features of digital OOH helped us in our recent campaign, (via a 240 Sheet special build among other OOH formats) to highlight our key messaging that “You’re 4 times less likely to be burgled with a PhoneWatch alarm”. Through 3D text, flashing lights and underlined animation features we could really reinforce our key messages and USPs.  An added benefit was that this format really comes to life at nighttime which is a period when potential home burglaries are more top of mind.  We can already see specific sales channels have increased in volume by over 20% and we are happy to attribute that increase to this activity.”


Attention to OOH is on the Increase

People are spending more time out of home while also seeing more OOH.

The release of the ROI TGI 2023 R2 data has verified that people are spending more time Out of Home while also seeing more OOH. The study confirms that OOH is especially good at reaching elusive young, urban, upmarket audiences.

Gen Z (born 1997 on) consume Outdoor Media for an average of over ten hours per week, which is more than all other forms of broadcast media and over three times as long spent watching VOD or online videos.

65% of Irish adults recall seeing at least one form of OOH advertising in the past week (+1% YoY), rising to 72% of Dubliners (Index 111), 78% of 16-24s (Index 120) and 68% of ABs (Index: 105). The combined strength of classic and digital formats in underlined with them coming in at 60% and 56% respectively.

In terms of who is most exposed to the media (the top OOH Quintile 20%).

  • 25% Dubliners (Index 122)
  • 30% 16-24s (Index 151)
  • 25% ABs (Index 113)

Younger people are spending more time travelling with 37% of 16-24s (+3% YoY) devoting 9 hours or more doing so per week (Index 144).

In relation to the location and the type of ad noticed by those who have seen Outdoor advertising, 62% have seen some form in supermarkets in the past week, 44% have seen poster or screen advertising in shopping centres / malls (up 3%). 42% have seen ads on Bus Shelters rising to 59% in Dublin while 46% of OOH consumers in Dublin have seen ads on buses.

57% of OOH consumers report seeing some form of roadside advertising in the past week rising to 72% of those in Dublin while nationally 85% have seen ads in retail environments.

Driving Response

62% of those who have seen an Outdoor ad have responded in some way via their smartphone or online.

36% of 16-34s have used their mobile to make an actual purchase in response to an OOH ad. The research also shows that OOH not only prompts online action, it also drives footfall into physical outlets, with 23% of respondents having gone to a store to buy a product in response to an OOH ad.

Public Transport Usage

Over a quarter of Irish adults use public transport at least once a week. This rises to 51% of 16-24s (+7% YoY) and 48% of Dubliners (+5% YoY). 24% of Dubliners avail of public transport five or more times each week (+4% YoY) while 59% have a Leap Card.

Go Outdoor and Play

Innovation and Outdoor go hand in hand, often to the point where the medium becomes the message.

In an effort to encourage youngsters to go outside with their parents and embrace the great outdoors as the ultimate playroom, the Generation Wild public initiative along with ad agency Sukle erected a series of special billboards in Colorado to encourage sharing “This Wonder-full World”.

The billboards used actual elements of nature to create their art. The above featured actual perches and bird food to draw local bird species into urban settings. Another incorporated shadows of a family playing that move across the board as the sun changed position throughout the day.

Continuing the awareness drive a third featured glow in the dark twinkling stars to remind parents that awe can come from even the simplest outdoor activity like looking up.