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Breakfast, Lunch, and Back to School
As we power through August, preparation for the start of the new school term is well underway. Our recent iQ research on Back to School season showed 44% of parents intend to stock up in the two week leadup to the first school bell.

This time is key for FMCG brands to generate mental availability for consumers to remind them why they’re worthy of a place at the breakfast table and inside the lunchbox. Here are some brands who are effectively using the power of Outdoor to do just that.

Kellogg’s Cereals

The breakfast cereal giant are back on Outdoor for back to school season with a colourfully fun creative that communicates its message well. The no frills campaign reminds consumers that breakfast can be fun, displaying the iconic characters Coco the Monkey, Snap, Crackle and Pop as they frolic around their signature cereals. Planned by Carat and PML, the campaign is live across classic 6 sheets and 48 sheets.


The lunchbox stalworth is making its return to Outdoor this cycle with a campaign that has flavour written all over it…literally!

Displaying across a mix of classic 6 sheets and mall digital formats, the cracker brand from Valeo features creative showcasing the range of flavours backed against their signature colours – Sour Cream, Sweet Chili, Bacon, and Original – grasping the attention of passersby and reminding parents that lunch doesn’t have to be plain.

Planned by OMD and Source out of home, the campaign’s DOOH aspect feature dynamically scheduled copy – enabled by Liveposter – enabling the brand to display to their target audience at a time when it matters most. Keep an eye out for their dynamic copy on dX Screens when it goes live in Cycle 18!


Not to be forgotten, the after-school dinner is also to make a return to the kitchen table as September dawns. Keen to cement their place on the plate, Batchelor’s Beans are front and centre reminding parents that they’re ‘full of the good stuff’.

Also planned by OMD and Source out of home, running across classic and digital 6’s, the copy frames a scene that wouldn’t be out of place in the 1980’s or in 2023 – a comforting plate of beans, meat and mash that is inherently Irish, since 1935.

OOH Planning Tip:
More adults spend over €500 during Back to School time compared with any other key retail date, and those in the highest OOH media quintile (TGI) are more likely to spend over the period.

Over 80% notice OOH on bus formats
As we navigate through the second half of 2023, the latest wave of our Media Impact Study has shown that respondents regularly notice ads on bus sides and bus shelters, with both peaking in the top quintile at 82% and 80% respectively.

In collaboration with Ipsos, 310 individuals aged 16-54 were surveyed to capture the pulse of Dublin’s advertising landscape. The research has unveiled fresh insight into the noticeability of classic and digital formats across roadside, retail and transport environments, offering a panoramic view of the noticeability of OOH formats across Dublin.


As highlighted in last week’s Out \ Look, our ongoing IMPACT research programme identified bus shelters as among the top-performing formats in terms of individual OOH campaign recall. The younger demographic aged 16-24 continues to be a focal point, with an impressive 90% of both males and females noticing bus shelter advertising.

Billboards are still commanders of attention in terms of large-scale roadside formats. 78% of those surveyed regularly notice these, with strong noticeability amongst the 45-54s at 83% and the younger age group again at 86% of 16-24s. The male demographic comes up particularly strong in the latter with 97% regularly noticing billboards.

Digital roadside formats continue attract attention as they light up the streets below them. 56% of respondents regularly notice digital ads on bridges, breaking out at 63% of males and 51% of females. Adshel Live digital phone kiosks, meanwhile, again peaked among younger audiences at 71%, with 51% of all respondents regularly noticing the format.

Transport and Retail

Bus advertising remains a stalwart in the OOH space with the strongest overall noticeability. 82% of respondents regularly notice these mobile ads, breaking out at 83% of males and 82% of females. The younger demographic again lead the pack at 92% noticeability, followed by 85% of 25-34s.

Retail environments also showcased robust numbers. 72% of those surveyed regularly notice ads in supermarkets with little variance, showcasing strong noticeability near points of purchase. This is echoed in responses to digital screens in shopping malls at 75% of respondents, increasing to 88% of young adults aged between 16-34.

Similarly, train station formats continue to be effective advertising hubs with their mix of dynamic, digital displays and classic 6 sheets. 67% of respondents regularly notice ads at these transit points, rising to 77% of those aged 45-54.

Comparative Analysis with 2022

As noted last week, our IMPACT research for H1 2023 points to a widespread increase in the average recall of OOH campaigns vs 2023. People are noticing formats more, with recall levels in transport and retail environments reflective of increasing audience sizes in these environments as time goes on, and an increase in advertising investment by brands in these locations.

Additionally Kantar’s most recent ROI TGI release verified that people are spending more time Out of Home and seeing more OOH, reaching elusive young, urban, upmarket audiences. 64% of Irish adults recall seeing at least one form of OOH advertising in the past week, rising to 69% of Dubliners. The combined strength of classic and digital formats is underlined with them coming in at 59% and 55% respectively.

The OOH advertising landscape in 2023 remains vibrant and effective. While classic formats like bus shelters and billboards continue to lead, formats in the retail and transport sectors are rapidly gaining traction, aided by dynamic digital OOH facilitated by Liveposter. Additionally, increasing recall levels and the growing impact of OOH campaigns, especially among the younger demographic, further emphasise the importance of Outdoor as a medium in the current media landscape.

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OOH Planning Tip:
Out of Home is a powerhouse in attracting consumer attention across multiple touchpoints.

Planet OOH: Wellington hits a creative high note in NYC
In the age of digital inebriation, nothing resonates quite like a literal escape. WellingtonNZ’s recent international campaign, ‘Escape To Wellington’, does just that, captivating the American audience with an innovative touch of interactive outdoor advertising.

Our ‘Planet OOH’ spotlight often illuminates novel and innovative approaches to OOH advertising, and this week is no exception. Wellington’s campaign is built around the universal desire to break free, combined with the allure of the picturesque landscapes and work-life balance New Zealand promises.

Stationed in Manhattan’s bustling plaza was a giant ‘Escape’ computer key, beckoning the attention of the thousands who crossed its path. The payoff? Those daring enough to hit the button were treated to live, personalised job opportunities in Wellington displayed on a massive adjacent billboard. Beyond job opportunities, the screen showcased the myriad lifestyle advantages awaiting in the vibrant region of Wellington.

Within weeks of the campaign’s initiation, close to a thousand individuals made their interests known via the campaign’s landing page, eager to discover more about the prospects of living and working in the heart of New Zealand.

John Allen, the CEO of WellingtonNZ, elaborated on the choice of New York for the campaign. Highlighting North America’s immense potential, he noted, “New York houses a wealth of talent across various sectors, from tech to creative, making it a prime hub for Wellington’s outreach.”

The initiative exemplifies the imaginative potential of OOH, melding interactive engagement with the timeless allure of New Zealand’s picturesque landscapes and enviable work-life balance.