Samsung ‘Unfolds’ 3D Billboard Campaign across the UK


Samsung, known for their penchant towards innovative OOH, have taken a show-don’t-tell approach to showcase their new Z Flip series. Drawing eyes and capturing imaginations, the product launch was marked by large-format digital billboards in a never-before-seen way on UK roadsides.

At high dwell-time areas in London, Manchester, and Liverpool, eye-catching billboards were erected featuring the tagline “Nothing unfolds like Galaxy Z Flip5” with a special feature: grandiose 3D models of the titular phone highlighting its unique folding capabilities. Celebrity brand ambassadors Fearne Cotton Raheem Sterling feature on the creative, engrossed in their individual use cases showcasing the phone’s capabilities.

Richard Hayter, group creative director at producer Iris, mused, “We wanted to demonstrate the capabilities of foldables, on a massive scale. With the Galaxy Z Flip5, users experience a whole new world, from group selfies to yoga classes.” Samsung Marketing Director, Annika Bizon, added “The innovation and joy of these specially built 3D billboards echo Samsung’s brand ethos and the cutting-edge technology we introduce.”