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Go Big and Go All-Out(door)

Touchpoints – our key trends for 2023 – highlighted that this year will be a battle of brands, where the best creative idea and execution will ultimately win the favour and, more importantly, attention of their target consumers.

Specials are fun, innovative, and effective means of generating brand recall. Our Special Effects study highlights the hugely positive impact that specials have in terms of noticeability, brand perception and activation. Three quarters of people believe specials make a brand seem exciting while 84% agree that specials are more noticeable than standard poster ads.

Paddy Power Comedy Festival

Your eyes didn’t deceive you – that was Tommy Tiernan on the Luas this morning!

The Paddy Power Comedy Festival returns to bookend July with a belly laugh at Dublin’s Iveagh Gardens. Kicking off on July 27th for four nights, the lineup features some of biggest names in Irish and International comedy including Tommy Tiernan, Emma Doran, Milton Jones, and Reggie Watts.

Planned by Zenith and Source out of home, the festival has had its stage set on Outdoor across a mix of classic formats including large format billboards, bus shelters and bus Supersides.

Photo: JCDecaux

The Stand-out elements of the campaign include LUAS stop dominations in proximity to the venue, including a special build ‘Paddy’s Pant’s’ topped LUAS column at Stephen’s Green that glows neon green when the sun goes down. Micromedia’s Camden Corner has undergone a similar makeover, vinyl-wrapped in Paddy Power’s eye-catching brand identity alongside some of the festival’s headline performers. Along the sides, screens featuring ‘digital’ green curtains pull back to reveal the festival lineup to passers-by.

Photo: Micromedia

Meanwhile, the Luas’ Green Line is taking itself quite literally, as both the inside and outside of a LUAS tram have also been taken over featuring contextual copy and highlighting some of the artists, along with a call to action to book tickets.


Meanwhile, Diageo are celebrating their charismatic revamp of Rockshore with a special to help build awareness and drive response among its audience. Aungier Street’s Golden Square has been spangley-fied, with the blue colours reflecting the sunshine and highlighting the waves adjacent to the standout pint and lettering.

Planned by PHD & Source out of home, with the production elements by Eclipse, the special has been catching eyes since Sunday night reaching consumers near the point of purchase on one of the on-trade’s busiest streets in Dublin: six-month average footfall figures for the area show over 270,000 people visit on a monthly basis, with almost 9,000 visiting each day.


Think you know Disney+? Think again.

In the midst of the brand’s 100th anniversary, Disney are keen to assert themselves as the dominant streaming service. Running at point throughout the year so far, their ‘Think You Know Disney+’ campaign has been spotted across a mix of classic and digital formats reminding service users that there’s something for everyone, and that it’s not all animation and superheroes.

Planned by Zenith, part of Core and Source out home, the campaign’s latest presentation comes in the form of a full takeover of Dublin’s Connolly Station. Highlighting an eclectic mix of new content like the Full Monty, Guardians of the Galaxy, Avatar, and The Kardashians, the takeover encompasses the station front, tunnel underpass, digital gallery, turnstiles, and wrapped staircase bannisters, while ‘The Disney+ Line’ creative shows the various show ‘stops’ users can expect to make while browsing.

We have an almost infinite palette with which to paint our cities and local communities. We are in the business of attention; and so, we must adopt new ways of achieving this whilst also embracing more traditional methods. Creative techniques, unusual formats, and surprising avenues to attention are demonstrably being explored and deployed to bring brands to our streets in exciting and fun ways.

Big Game Season

Excitement for the Women’s World Cup is building on Out of Home!

Ireland fans down under turned out in force at Sydney Airport this week to wish the Girls in Green well ahead of their World Cup kick-off vs Australia on Thursday. Meanwhile, brands back home have been showcasing their support to the public using Outdoor as their preferred medium.

This world cup is just the start of a big game season for Irish consumers. GAA finals, rugby test matches, European Championship qualifiers, and the start of a new Premier League are all set to take place before the end of September. This is all the while another world cup begins as the Autumn rolls in: The Rugby World Cup is considered the third largest sporting event in the world after the Football World Cup and the Olympic Games. Taking place in France, it runs between 8th September and 28th October featuring 20 competing nations across nine cities. Hopes are high for Ireland being the #1 ranked team in the world.

Research has shown sporting events like these provide a unique opportunity for retailers, FMCG brands and media providers to build brand awareness, engage with consumers and increase sales and revenue. Our Outdoor Consumer Study in tandem with Kantar TGI show;

  • 24% of those who have attended a rugby game are in the highest OOH quintile (Index: 121). Two thirds of match attendees are OOH consumers (Index: 105).
  • 35% of those passionate about rugby are VERY interested in Digital Screen messaging relevant to a live sporting event (Index: 172) while a further 40% are quite interested.
  • 68% of people are interested in digital screen messages relevant to seasonal event.
  • 46% of OOH consumers have an interest in GAA football, hurling or camogie.
  • 78% of people who are passionate about sport are interested in digital screen messages relevant to a live sporting event.

Sports – Regular Followers

Football – 1,021,000 | Rugby – 931,000 | GAA – 986,000 (Source: OCS)

Event based marketing in the real world is big part of what we do. No matter what the occasion or time, Classic and Dynamic Digital OOH can adapt to meet a brand’s needs. There is a vibrancy in what is going on in the great outdoors over the next few months. From sporting and retail to cultural events, OOH is the perfect medium to reach these large audiences on the move at the right place and at the right time as they live, work and play.

WATCH H1 2023 Report

Last week in Out \ Look we published some details from our WATCH OOH Market Review for H1 2023. The full report can be accessed HERE.

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