Tackling Botox Awareness with Billboards

Toronto, CA:

OOH advertising continues to affirm its effectiveness in capturing public attention and driving social conversation, as recently illustrated by Dove’s “Injectable Billboard.”

The Unilever-owned personal care brand has utilised a billboard in a Toronto mall, constructed entirely from medical-grade syringes, to symbolise the startling statistic that over 50,000 cosmetic, injectable procedures were performed on teens last year.

The campaign aligns with insights from our ‘Go Big and Go Out of Home’ research, which underscores the effectiveness of large-format OOH advertising in terms of 24-hour exposure, scale, and capacity to build brand trust and fame.

Similar to how the recent Mother’s Day campaign via digital billboards across the Toronto skyline resonated with audiences, Dove’s campaign has also effectively leveraged the large-format medium. It not only captures public attention, but also sparks vital conversations about the harmful beauty standards facing today’s youth.

Dove’s campaign illustrates the conversation-sparking potential of OOH advertising: it grabs attention, evokes a communal sense of concern, and inspires action around a critical social issue. It’s a clear demonstration that billboards are not merely marketing tools but potent platforms for social advocacy and transformation.