The First Poster to Catch Lung Cancer

November marks Lung Cancer Awareness month. In Ireland, the Marie Keating Foundation have been running their ‘Big Check Up’ campaign year-on-year to raise awareness and help improve survival rates of lung cancer.

This year, planned alongside The Brill Building and PML, the foundation are running a special OOH feature that blends in with their normal campaign – “The First Poster to Catch Lung Cancer.”

Using bespoke technology, the poster only reveals itself to those who cough. The innovative approach seeks to encourage those with a long-standing cough to get it checked, and to reach them in the most targeted way possible.

For this message to only reveal when [the receiver] comes across a cough, we’ve had to use special software,” noted PML Innovation head Pat Cassidy. “The way the software works is the microphone is listening for a high-pitched, high-frequency, short, sharp sound and when it actually hears that sound, it triggers our message“.

More people die from lung cancer in Ireland than any other type of cancer, it’s the biggest killer causing more deaths than breast and prostate cancer together all over the world.

Early diagnosis is so critical, especially when it comes to lung cancer” says Marie Keating Ireland CEO Liz Yeates.

Watch the powerful film for the activation featuring lung cancer patient Johnny Hassett, a well known Irish horse trainer whose story of diagnosis inspired the creative team to devise the execution.