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The New Face of Driving Electric is…YOU

SEAI has launched an OOH campaign to promote its EV (electric vehicles) grants, encouraging drivers to go electric as a solution to a more sustainable approach to our energy consumption.

The SEAI campaign shows a new wave of electric car owners with people from different demographics putting a new face to driving electric, who can be seen on Bus Shelters and Lower Rears across the country.

To coincide with the campaign and allow the strapline ‘Be the New Face of Driving Electric’ to resonate further, SEAI cleverly wrapped 5 Bus Shelters in Dublin with the campaign creative with one of the panels hosting a mirror to reflect the public, essentially making them the new face of driving electric.

Such specials can positively influence the audience’s perceptions of an advertiser. Our iQ research programme found that 67% of Dubliners agree these types of ads make a brand appear innovative.

Pictured: Emma Lyons (JCDecaux), Fiona Smith (SEAI), Keith Brennan (PML)

Media: PHD

Creative: TBWA

OOH Specialist: PML