Wellington hits a creative high note in NYC

New York, USA:

In the age of digital inebriation, nothing resonates quite like a literal escape. WellingtonNZ’s recent international campaign, ‘Escape To Wellington’, does just that, captivating the American audience with an innovative touch of interactive outdoor advertising.

Our ‘Planet OOH’ spotlight often illuminates novel and innovative approaches to OOH advertising, and this week is no exception. Wellington’s campaign is built around the universal desire to break free, combined with the allure of the picturesque landscapes and work-life balance New Zealand promises.

Stationed in Manhattan’s bustling plaza was a giant ‘Escape’ computer key, beckoning the attention of the thousands who crossed its path. The payoff? Those daring enough to hit the button were treated to live, personalised job opportunities in Wellington displayed on a massive adjacent billboard. Beyond job opportunities, the screen showcased the myriad lifestyle advantages awaiting in the vibrant region of Wellington.

Within weeks of the campaign’s initiation, close to a thousand individuals made their interests known via the campaign’s landing page, eager to discover more about the prospects of living and working in the heart of New Zealand.

John Allen, the CEO of WellingtonNZ, elaborated on the choice of New York for the campaign. Highlighting North America’s immense potential, he noted, “New York houses a wealth of talent across various sectors, from tech to creative, making it a prime hub for Wellington’s outreach.”

The initiative exemplifies the imaginative potential of OOH, melding interactive engagement with the timeless allure of New Zealand’s picturesque landscapes and enviable work-life balance.