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  • Pat Cassidy (PML Group), Tania Meighan (The Irish Times) John Gildea (Owens DDB), Sinead Manly (PHD) and Keith Farrell (Source OOH)

The Irish Times launched two impactful OOH specials created by Owens DDB in partnership with PML Group, Eclipse Media and PHD Ireland. The concept was driven by a simple premise. For a news organisation to grow it needs editorial, journalistic and production expertise. For it still to be thriving 160 years later takes one thing, trust.

Our goal was to celebrate the unique relationship The Irish Times enjoys with its readers and subscribers. The line, “Trust is built over time” was the starting point. It led to an idea of depicting the passage of time before acknowledging the ethos behind The Irish Times’ success.

The Wexford Street and Macken Street bespoke billboards took four men 15 hours (and one clamped car) to install! The tease and reveal creative is controlled remotely using the latest lighting and communications technology.

The specials respect the 160 year heritage of The Irish Times while reflecting the contemporary digital first offering and positioning of the publication in today’s evolving media landscape.

Media: PHD – Creative: Owens DDB  OOH Agency: Source out of home – Special Build: Eclipse Media