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Diageo’s Rockshore brand has taken advantage of the dynamic scheduling capabilities of Digital Out of Home (DOOH) to contextually promote its lager and cider offerings in parallel, within the same campaign.

The DOOH screens display Rockshore Lager unless two trigger criteria are jointly met – the temperature rises to 18°C and it is dry. Using this live weather data, PML Group’s Liveposter platform then delivers the Rockshore Cider creative together with a temperature call out across multiple formats and media owners including roadside Digipanels, newly launched Digishelters, Orbscreens and the Green Screen.

Bespoke designs on the Tesco Live network add extra layers of contextuality. The lager creative includes the Tesco location. Further optmisation was brought to the campaign during the period Wednesday 28th August – Saturday 31st August when the only creative on display was festival cider copy.

“What we know from research is that cider consumption increases when the sun shines. We were excited to use these insights to deliver an efficient digital outdoor campaign. The dynamic capabilities allowed us to showcase Rockshore Cider when it was most relevant on street!”  Said Jennifer Gleeson, Brand Manager for Rockshore Cider.

Orlagh Keane, Senior Account Manager, Source OOH. “This campaign is a great example of the layers of optimisation that Dynamically delivered OOH can achieve. The media space doing multiple jobs for the same client depending on specific criteria laid down by the advertiser is a testament to how OOH can be deployed now.”

Media: Carat – Creative: BBDO and Design+ – OOH Agency: Source out of home