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People are ready to embrace experiences. Sophie Hamilton, marketing executive PML Group with part two of All Out Summer research.


People are ready to embrace experiences. Sophie Hamilton, marketing executive PML Group with part two of All Out Summer research.

Summer 2022 brings with it a sense of optimism and there is a real sense that people are free to move around, to get out and to enjoy the great outdoors. To get an understanding of the mindset of the consumer and their feelings and intentions for the summer ahead, PML Group has partnered with Ipsos to produce All Out Summer, an in-depth study showing how and why OOH has such a rich role to play for your brand in the vibrant summer ahead. Last week on Adworld, we released part one of our study which focused on the summer mindset of real-world consumers. Their responses pointed to an active lifestyle outlook.  This week we take a deep dive into the different activities Dubliners plan on partaking in this summer.

The research shows people are ready to embrace experiences and make the most of what a summer of freedom has to offer. What is clear is that people will be spending a lot of time outdoors. People are seizing the opportunity to connect and reconnect with friends and family and spending valuable time with loved ones is a major priority.

Over the last few weeks, there has been multiple music and sporting events across the country. This weekend, Longitude festival is making its long-awaited return to Marlay Park which saw 40,000 people attend in 2019. Our research found that 4 in 10 plans on going to an outdoor concert this summer. This peaked amongst females 16-24 years at 55%. In terms of sporting events, 1 in 4 plans on going to a live sporting event. This Saturday, All-Ireland Senior hurling and camogie championships takes place in Croke Park.  These large-scale events are examples of how people are moving around our towns and cities in massive numbers.

Ireland is fortunate enough to be surrounded by recreational parks and beaches which Irish consumers plan on taking full advantage of this summer. 77% of adults plan on visiting beaches, peaking amongst females at 83%, versus 70% of all males. 82% of females 25-34s plan on visiting parks. Other key demographics who plan on visiting parks include 70% of all 35-44s and 74% of respondents with kids in the household under 15.

Looking at more recreational activities, half of 35-44s plan on exercising outdoors. This activity scored comparably higher among full-time employees, students, and ABs.  Socialising outdoors peaked amongst females 16-24 at 92% and all 35-44s at 78%.  Health and wellness have been of increasing importance over a number of years with a major focus on physical and mental health. As the recent  CSO pulse survey demonstrates people are spending more time outdoors since the start of the pandemic. Of those spending more time outdoors, more than 70% realised that being in natural spaces was important to their well-being. There is a real opportunity here for brands to align with healthy consumers.

Visiting family attractions is a top performing activity across all demographics. 74% of respondents with kids in household under 15 plan on visiting family attractions. This week, Game of Thrones Touring exhibition is on Outdoor promoting its Studio Tour in Armagh. This is the perfect opportunity to target families as the school year comes to an end. Funtropolis, a free family fun event is also coming to Dublin City this July and August.  Another great occasion for families to make memories and reconnect this summer, which many people expressed throughout our study. Outdoor is a location medium and its agility means its content can be hyper-relevant to time and to events happening across the year.

Whether it’s attending a live music event or visiting a local park, there is something for everyone and Irish consumers are making the most of these moments this summer. Consumers are ready for a summer spent outdoors and it is time to make your brand shine this summer via OOH. For more information on the study visit

A Dynamic Summer

Summer is here and so is the opportunity for dynamically enabled contextual Digital OOH campaigns, weather triggered at screen level targeting the public as they live, work and play. The weather is a subject often on the tip of our tongues as shown by an Ipsos survey which found that 60% of Irish people talk about the weather twice a day while a quarter chat about it at least four times on a day.

In a world of constant distraction, with information available at the touch of a button, consumers want and expect brands to connect with them in an engaging way. The Liveposter platform combines technology, data, insight and process to help create compelling DOOH campaigns that utilise the latest data to connect brands with their audience. Campaigns can be supplied to multiple media owners, globally, from this single integrated source.

According to the IBM Summer 2022 Behaviour Survey, consumers are more excited about the season than in years past, and factors including summer weather motivates their choice of activities. For marketers, it will be critical to harness this excitement in real-time locally at scale and support consumers’ celebration of the summer season. Weather can predict consumer behaviour and influence shopper decisions across multiple categories including food and beverages, health and wellness and entertainment / leisure.

The Moments of Truth research undertaken by Posterscope, JCDecaux and Clear Channel showed double digit percentage improvements in brain response, recall and sales for campaigns that used contextually relevant digital OOH messages. Our own Outdoor Consumer Study finds that 73% of people have an interest in live digital screen information related to the weather.

Digital OOH enables flexibility with media and creative copy – to deliver the right message at the right time in the right places for audiences. It offers tactical opportunities in daily and daypart planning while technologies such as our proprietary Liveposter platform allows for contextual messaging based on live data triggers including weather / temperature. This is highly impactful and helps brands build a dialogue with their audiences in real-time – and in real-life.